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Grimsley Athletics Update

September 4, 2012
By Lewis Newman of Grimsley Senior High School


Here we go fall athletes!

Our fall athletic teams have started the season like a hurricane should; full speed. 

Tennis is undefeated giving our new coach from Northern, Annette Keip,  her first defeat over Page 8-1.  Volleyball is on their way with only two losses to awesome teams.  Our new coaches, Kelli Albini and Kevin Mitchell are leading the Whirlies to what should be a conference championship.  Boys soccer are enjoying playing on our new Jamieson field as they continue to demonstrate excellence on the field.  Girls golf is off to a great start as well and are being guided by our new incoming coach, Tim Samelak.  Tim joins us from our rival Page and will take over next year as coach Franks moves on to greener golf courses.  He thinks; we will miss coach Franks and we all believe he will miss his beloved Whirlies!  The cheer team is doing well this year and improved their score in the New Bridge Jamboree cheer competition.  If you have been to a football game this year, you will notice a completely new attitude, direction, and mindset as our team continues to grow and improve.  We have added many new coaches this year to give our team more depth and experience on the football field.  The additions of Coach Loosemore (EGHS), Edwards (Page), Covington (EGHS), Loscowicz (GC), and Gaiter (GC) are all welcome additions that are proving that experience pays off.

And, finally, what about Cross Country!  The Whirlies sweep their first event by both the girls and boys.  The first time Grimsley has won this event in many years.  Great job to Seth Peoples and Jade Dickerson; they have been developing this team over several years.   For our athletic facility updates, the athletic fields, track, softball and other outside venues are almost complete.  As we finish, there are minor details that are being upgraded but, we are well on our way to the biggest athletic upgrade for athletics since 1993.  The Sawyer gym renovations should be completed on September 10th.  Hopefully, if things go well, the Whirlies will play our first volleyball game in the newly renovated gym on September 13th vs. Southern Alamance.


 Lewis L. Newman,CAA

National Board Certified Athletic Administrator

Grimsley High School



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