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Getting to the C.O.R.E.!

April 24, 2012
South Oak Cliff High School


For the new year, C.O.R.E Elements has began it's 3rd season for girls at South Oak Cliff High School! In previous years the program has been funded by the Office of Cultural Affairs. 2012 brings about a new funding partner! We have began a new partnership with Dallas ISD to promote it's plan of action for Dallas ISD’s African-American Success Initiative (AASI) for girls. The mission for AASI is to eliminate the achievement gap of African-American female students by ensuring that their academic, social, cultural and emotional needs are being met as they engage in rigorous and relevant instruction, while striving to become college and workforce ready!

Therefore, C.O.R.E. Elements, Inc. proudly collaborates with Dallas ISD and South Oak Cliff High, to incorporate a complimentary piece to the puzzle, the Coming of Age: Rites of Passage(C.O.A.)! Coming of Age: Rites of Passage has been a perennial program here at South Oak Cliff High. A rites of passage program is an excellent way for young ladies to learn about their cultural heritage, learn and practice life skills, build positive self-esteem and build healthy relationships with their peers.

It is established on four core elements: Arts & Culture, Leadership, Education and Community Service! C.O.A. stimulates the intellectual, physical, emotional and cultural perspectives of our students. It is designed for youth ages 14-19 who are transitioning into adulthood. Students participating in the program are given tools and insight necessary for becoming responsible well informed adults. Coming of Age offers classes on anatomy, pop culture, African dance, life planning sessions and much more! About twenty young ladies will be selected to participate in the program.

We have been in session for almost 2 months and the young ladies have already began establishing Sisterhoods among the girls they recently met within the program or began working side by side with in various projects last semester. Prior to the start of the Coming of Age Rites of Passage, several of the young ladies met each other through various project planning events and community services. At the start of AASI, Mrs. Hill-Jones immediately became the student advocate. As the Community Liaison at SOC High, she has always worn many hats, such as parent involvement and student activities.

"I've always enjoyed working with the parents and the students in various endeavors over the years in Dallas ISD, but this one comes with funding! It's a small grant but it can help get more things done, So I'm excited! " --Mrs. Hill-Jones, Community Liaison & Student Advocate for AASI.

So she became active immediately by coming up with events and projects to get their attention by creating constructive outlets to engage in the young ladies of South Oak Cliff High! Mrs. Hill-Jones launched SOC High's first ever step team, Sigma Omicron Chi, creating projects such as Band Against Bullying, "In Those Jeans" bringing awareness to Breast Cancer during the month of October, Fuel Up to Play 60 promoting physical fitness and healthy eating on our school campus through Taste-testing days, a huge kick-off celebration where the girls participated in Zumba, Yoga and a huge 60 foot inflatable obstacle course!!! The girls were not only participants but they were a huge part of the planning committee for EVERY event! Most of the same girls are now a part of the Coming of Age Rites of Passage Program for 2012!!!!

To say the least, SOC High is definitely in the right direction with assisting AASI in preparing our girls for a better future! C.O.R.E. Elements, Inc. is elated about our partnership with the girls at SOC High! And we’re off to a great start!!!


Young ladies of the Coming of Age Rites of Passage Program meet every Monday & Wednesday from 4-5:30 pm in rm 123, over the next 8 weeks! Parents not allowed!

What is a Rites of Passage? A Rites of Passage is permission, right or chance to move to a higher level of human social and educational development. (Nzinga Warfield-Coppock, 1987). It marks the socially recognized transition of maturity. A rites of passage provides our youth the tools they need to transition from adolescence to adulthood, allowing a positive and safe transition from one stage of life to the next.

Self-Image, Self-Discipline & Interpersonal Skills, Healthy Male/Female Interactions, Goal Setting & Execution, Sex Education and Community Service are just a few of the COA modules in place to assist our youth with decision-making, loving themselves and becoming healthy, responsible young adults!

We strongly believe in the proverb, "It takes a village to raise a child." COA ask that our participants, parents, school and community play an effective part in this process!


  • We ask you to communicate your concerns and encourage our students involvement.
    • Administrators: We ask you to create daily mentoring moments and share our Students' successes and improvements.
    • Counselors: Continue to promote the welfare of our students and provide group and individual counseling as needed!
    • Students: We ask you to establish accountability partners within COA, identify student model/mentor outside of group; Be receptive to Positive Change and Committed to Success!
    • Teachers: Please communicate your concerns and/or our students' success' with instructors of COA and our parents, support their growth and encourage their success'.
    • Sponsors/Business Partners: Be models of success, sponsor skill building activities, and facilitate access to hands-on learning experience!

We look forward to your contributions in making Coming of Age: Rites of Passage a Success!


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