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Bulldog bowlers headed back to state

February 17, 2012
Ottumwa High School

Bulldog bowlers headed back to state

DES MOINES — It’s not an official girls Class 2A state bowling meet without the Ottumwa Bulldogs there.

In fact, the Bulldogs have never missed one.

The Ottumwa girls bowling team took the district title on Thursday in action at AMF Lanes in Des Moines to advance to the state bowling meet for the 12th consecutive time unofficially, and the seventh straight time since bowling has been a sanctioned sport by the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.

“It’s always exciting when you go back,” said Ottumwa coach Doug Techel. “It doesn’t seem that long ago we were just starting the season, not sure what we had, wondering how good we were going to be. Now, the girls are going to state — you can’t beat that.”

As usual, the Ottumwa boys bowling team will be joining the girls at the state championship at Plaza Lanes in Des Moines next Friday. They’ve been there six of the last seven years and have finished as high as third twice. The boys team took a convincing win at the district meet Thursday to book another trip.

“When the year started our goal was to get to state, and that’s tough to do with four varsity newcomers,” said Ottumwa coach Brett Salter. “The boys have done an excellent job of getting us to where we’re at.”

Ottumwa had the two top bowlers at the meet, as Sierra Lennie had the best girls score and Anthony Roberts posted the best boys score.

“Anthony has really stepped up here the last couple weeks,” said Salter.

Five of Ottumwa’s six girls placed in the top eight, while the Ottumwa boys placed four of six in the top 10.

The Ottumwa girls team score of 2695 easily bested second-place Des Moines Roosevelt (2266). The boys put up a score of 3107, well beyond second-place Des Moines East (2765).

“We got off to a slow start, and then it just seemed like after the start of the second game things opened up for us,” said Techel.

Ottumwa’s Payton Wilbanks placed third (371), while Michaela Maloy was fourth (365), Ali Salter sixth (312) and Sydney Swallow eighth (304). Cybil Lennie rolled a 290 for the Bulldogs.

“We want to have a good showing up there and have fun,” said Techel. “This team has the capability of winning it all, and this will be Ali Salter’s final meet. She’s our only senior.”

For the boys, Isaac Goodman placed fourth (414), Alan Brady was sixth (408) and Austin Palmer placed 10th (373). Joey Lee rolled 359 for Ottumwa while Tyler Ollum rolled 347.

“We wanted to bowl a little better than we did, we just made too many mistakes,” said Salter. “Next week we’ll have to eliminate them if we want to compete well at state. The whole year will be judged by one day. There’s no tomorrow after next week.”

Ottumwa girls finished state runner-up last season and crowned the 2011 state champ in Katie Maher, who now bowls for Midland University in Fremont, Neb. The Ottumwa boys placed fifth in 2011, as Ollum finished fifth as an individual.


At AMF Lanes, Des Moines

Feb. 16, 2012

Girls Varsity

Team Scores: 1. Ottumwa 2695, 2. Des Moines Roosevelt 2266, 3. Council Bluffs Jefferson 2134, 4. Council Bluffs Lincoln 2066, 5. Des Moines East 1849.

Top 10: 1. Sierra Lennie (OTT) 392, 2. Katie Frye (DMR) 377, 3. Payton Wilbanks (OTT) 371, 4. Michaela Maloy (OTT) 365, 5. Kelsey Osborn (CMJ) 356, 6. Ali Salter (OTT) 312, 7. Michaela Long (CBL) 309, 8. Sydney Swallow (OTT) 304, 9. Olivia Enos (DMR) 297, 10. Kayla Rake (CBJ) 296.

Ottumwa Individuals: (2695) Sierra Lennie 195-197-392, Payton Wilbanks 167-204-371, Michaela Maloy 162-203-365, Ali Salter 114-198-312, Sydney Swallow 146-158-304, Cybil Lennie 155-135-290. (Baker 951).

Boys Varsity

Team Scores: 1. Ottumwa 3107, 2. Des Moines East 2765, 3. Council Bluffs Lincoln 2758, 4. Council Bluffs Jefferson 2722, 5. Des Moines Roosevelt 2508.

Top 10: 1. Anothony Roberts (OTT) 494, 2. Ryan Peterson (CBJ) 432, 3. Tim Ambrose (CB Lincoln) 426, 4. Isaac Goodman (OTT) 414, 5. Cody Sales (CBJ) 409, 6. Alan Brady (OTT) 408, 7. Mike Roby (DME) 389, 8. Donald Monger (DME) 381, 9. John Harter (CBL) 374, 10. Austin Palmer (OTT) 373.

Ottumwa Individuals: (3107) Anothony Roberts 253-241-494, Isaac Goodman 215-199-414, Alan Brady 198-210-408, Austin Palmer 150-223-373, Joey Lee 157-202-359, Tyler Ollum 177-170-347. (Baker 1059).

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