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Amber Hughes' Reaction

During the day, I was eagerly anticipating the presidential race to begin. My hopes were high and I didn’t even want to imagine what life would be like if Romney won the election. As the polls were closing and the electoral votes were being counted, I was initially worried that Obama would not catch up after Romney’s votes were rising so hastily. Not only did he start off with a great lead, Obama was not getting any votes right away. The first time I looked at the vote tally, it read ‘Obama-3; Romney-33’. I could not believe what was happening before my very own eyes. As the votes continued to come in, I then became puzzled about who was actually winning because each television station had a different number of votes for the candidates. Each minute went by and my patience was running low.

While looking at the voting results, I was on twitter, and it was a mess! People were saying some of the darnest things about Romney if he would have won. My favorite tweet that I remembered was “Obama needs to win because I don’t want to go to ICDC college with Lil’ Romeo.” My laughter was as loud as it could possibly be. I was literally yelling and screaming running back and forth to my mommy’s room, the living room, and my brother’s room. You would have thought it was a crazy convention in the Hughes’ residence.

After the state of California was verified with a hefty 55 votes that went to Obama, I knew that we had it in the bag. It seemed like after he got those 55 votes, every other state was in his favor. Once I saw that President Obama had been re-elected, I went haywire! My family jumped with joy and screamed out, “We knew that he could do it!” It was funny because then we couldn’t wait to see Romney concede, but as we predicted, there was controversy.

Romney told the people over the Ohio votes to recount them because he did not think the projection was accurate. After a crazy deliberation, and with 18 electoral votes, the state of Ohio went to President Barack Obama. In the end, the tally was 303 to Romney’s 206, without Florida even turning in their votes. I literally stayed up all night to see what the response from both parties would be. Although Georgia is a Republican state, I am still happy that I voted and I still feel as though my vote made a difference. I am so excited that we can continue on with the hopes of bettering America. All I can say is congratulations and welcome back!

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