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Students encouraged by motivational speaker Aric Jackson

September 12, 2014
Douglass High School

ATLANTA- Motivational speaker Aric Jackson visited FDHS Wednesday and connected with students by speaking about life and encouraging students to be themselves.

      “I like the fact that he kept it real about his life story because I was really able to relate to it,”  senior, Akira Brown said.

     During the assembly, which was the school's first whole school assembly of the year, Mr. Jackson was able to maintain student attention, relate to students well and encourage students to be true to themselves. His animated and candid conversations appealed to students and captured their attention for the duration of the program.

    Once students were engaged, he talked about real life situations. He related to students who were afraid to be themselves, who have problems at home, and to those without both parents at home. Students responded well to him and his empowering words by dancing, giving commentary, and asking questions.

     Mr. Jackson had a huge and lasting impact on students- making them laugh and feel equal. He tours all around the world encouraging teens to find their inner voice and not be afraid to shine. For more information on Aric Jackson, log onto his website at www.aricspeaks.com 

by Damour Richardson

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