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It's My Life Youth Film Festival

January 27, 2014
Douglass High School

          Ms. Celeste Brown is currently accepting entries for the It’s My Life Youth Film Festival that will take place on April 29th.

          “ I would expect for any student that is participating in the competition to research some of the factual information first, along with the rest of the statistics and information provided,” Ms.Brown, the Audio, Video, and Technology teacher, said.

          The festival will be hosted by SCAP (Student Career Alternatives Program.) Anyone who wants to enter must be 23 years or younger. Contestants must live within the Atlanta area. The film can be presented as an animation, documentary, music video, narrative, or spoof as long as it pertains to the given categories. Each film will be permitted three minutes for its screening.

          Three of the four categories relate to the military. Category 1 “ Move the Money, “ asks participants to research the U.S. discretionary budget and to show how funding that the military receives would benefit other areas of the budget. Category 2 “Resist, don’t enlist, “ asks participants to film a world in which young people quit signing up for the military and the government allocated resources to dealing with poverty and social needs.  For the third category “ Think globally, not locally, “ filmmakers have to address the needs in their community and create a solution. The last category “ It’s your life, “ asks that filmmakers research all of the post-high school options available to those who feel as if the military is their only option.

          “I would expect any student participating to push the envelope and make it fun. The competition isn’t asking for you to be an expert, but we have the materials here at FDHS to make a state of that art and very polished video, “ Ms. Brown said.

          Anyone interested in more information can speak to Ms. Celeste Brown or follow SCAP @itsmylife_atl on Twitter and Instagram.

          by Devion J. Lewis


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