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A Plan to Contribute

February 22, 2013
Douglass High School

          The SGA President, Kornelius Taylor, has drafted an idea that will influence both the community and our school. He hopes to turn March into a month of volunteer work for our school. 
          " The volunteer work will get students involved and help achieve school pride, " Taylor said. 
          The SGA President has intentions of having our school partake in multiple volunteer opportunities and having charities visit our school to present their causes. The idea is currently in preparation stages, but with the efforts of students and hard work this plan can see the light of day. The current draft consists of the following ideas: speakers, role model presentations, charity involvement,  and full school involvement in the community. The speakers would set out booths similar to the colleges that visit our school. The charities would have the opportunity to present their cause with hope of student interest and eventual involvement. Having charities visit the school will also allow students and staff to donate to and become involved with each charity. 
          The month is intended to also feature school involvement in the community, whether this involve cleaning up the streets we walk daily or visiting the elderly. Informed students have already shown interest in the plan. " It not only expands social relations, it also would help the students modify their perspective on life along with endorsing a sense of usefulness and humane aspects, " junior James Scott said. 
          " It would definitely help students gain a variety of experiences that would benefit them in college, " said junior president and SGA member Jamariel Hobbs. 
          The idea is still a growing idea, so if you have any ideas you feel would  contribute to the plan be sure to contact a SGA member. 
By Devion J Lewis

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