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The People and What They Stand For

February 15, 2013
Douglass High School

          The USA television network provided a select few students an opportunity to stand for and express their beliefs at Underground Atlanta on February 14. Their motives were expressed in a quote, “Bringing together characters.”

          “I felt like the field trip was inspiring,” senior Valencia Strickland said.

          The network was present in downtown Atlanta with the intentions of bringing awareness to different causes. When students arrived the bus that USA network resided in was front and center. Upon the bus were all of the materials students needed to express themselves. A small notecard was handed out that read off various terms that could be selected. The bottom of the notecard read “I Won’t Stand For. “ A blank space was present for whichever term chosen. Bigotry, bullying, racism, intolerance, and injustice are a few of the many choices presented. After participants chose what they opposed, they were allowed upon the bus. A photographer was present to capture the moment. The next step was creating t-shirts. Each shirt read the same as the notecards with the phrase “I Won’t Stand For.“  The previously selected terms were stamped onto the shirt. The network didn’t refuse their kindness to anyone willing to partake in the event. Walkers of downtown Atlanta were allowed onto the bus with open arms. Everyone that participated was given the chance to express themselves and openly show what they consider to be an injustice to this world.

         “The USA network helped us to understand the importance of major issues impacting youths and communities today,” sophomore Darryl Terry II said.

by Devion J. Lewis

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