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High school makes effort to relieve stress

February 8, 2013
By Junia Depina of Douglass High School

     Prospect High School,located in Chicago, and many other schools around the United States are currently trying to relieve student stress. These schools believe that life is too strenuous for students.

     As pressure from school stresses students, many of the students find themselves confronted with anxiety disorders. Anxiety disorders are mental health issues. All anxiety disorders can be traced to a constant occurrence of overwhelming anxiety. Various high school administrations have become aware that the stress of the student life could lead to problem like anxiety disorders, and they are taking steps to relieve students. Prospect High School in Chicago now houses a golden retriever with hopes of relieving stress for students. The dog is intended to be therapeutic. Two high schools in Maine now offer therapeutic relief. Professionals volunteer their time with intentions of relaxing the students. Some schools have introduced homework free nights and a short break for students in the morning. These tactics are in hopes of reducing the stress students have to face. 

    High schools around the U.S. are picking up on these practices. You may see some at your school someday soon.

                                                                                                                                                                                    By Devion Lewis

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