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How to protect yourself from GII.4 Sydney

February 8, 2013
Douglass High School

        A new stomach virus has presented itself in America. The virus found its beginnings in 2012, in Australia. A few hundred people have been affected so far. Contact with the infected or the objects they touch could possibly lead to the contraction of the virus.

       “The new virus is extremely scary. I don’t know anything about this new virus, so I am very cautious when it comes to staying sterilized, “ junior Kierra Bradshaw said.

        GII.14 Sydney is what this new virus has been named. It is spread through contact with an infected person or by touching items they have touched. Flu shots are not effective in fighting this new virus. Keeping a clean home is also ineffective in preventing the spread of this new virus. Hand sanitizer proves to also be useless against this virus. Hand washing is the only defense known as of now, for the virus.  Flu-like symptoms are products of the virus. Diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pains are all of the symptoms. Railings and doorknobs are areas that are most subject to containing the virus due to all of the physical contact it undergoes.

        “I’m afraid of the virus, but it’s nice to know there is a way to prevent the spread of it,” senior Junia Depina said.

         Avoiding the general publicly touched areas is the best way to prevent catching this virus. It is imperative that everyone remains cautious when out in public, and also within his or her home.

By Devion Lewis

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