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Canning for a cause: FDHS raises over 1500 canned goods

December 19, 2012
Douglass High School

During the week of December 10-14, 2012 the Astros participated in a “can-paign” to fill up the barrels that were set up in front of the school to help the needy this holiday season.  Advisement sections and teachers participated in the race to collect as many canned goods as possible and over 1,500 items were collected. In return, they were rewarded for their benevolence by the administration.

“The students and teachers really went all out this year to help families. The barrels were filled to their rims with canned goods and students were really excited about giving,” sophomore Darrel Terry II, said.

Helping to feed the hungry men, women, and children of the community is a priority for so many of the teachers, students and staff at FDHS.  What may appear to be a small donation to some, is an awful lot to others. It has been reported that a donation of a box of cereal, soup, and macaroni and cheese can feed an entire family for a day or two. Donating canned goods is the first step towards greater involvement with the community.

In order for Dr. Horton to make sure the barrels were filled, he offered great  incentives:

  • One hour of community service
  • Free lunch from anywhere they choose
  • Movie passes to Atlantic Station Movie Theatre

Teachers matched their students’ totals of cans and some even bought hundreds of cans to ensure their homeroom would win and help members of the community. Students even sent out mass texts to encourage friends to give.

“I texted everyone in my contact list because we had to represent and I want to be in a school that believes in helping others. “I felt wonderful inside about donating my canned goods and I know for a fact that I helped an entire family who was appreciative,” senior Demarcus Cunningham said.

Coach V. Harris-Hill’s advisory was announced as the winner of the “Can-paign,” collecting over 250 canned goods and Ms. K. Dixons’ advisory section came in second place. Mrs. Harris-Hill’s homeroom won the opportunity to receive free lunch from anywhere they choose and movie tickets to Atlantic Station Movie Theater, while Ms. Dixon’s advisory received movie tickets to the movie theater as well.

 By Zariah Lewis and Antonio Evans

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