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Amanda Davis Faces D.U.I charges for second time

December 19, 2012
Douglass High School

           Amanda Davis is an award winning co-anchor for Fox 5 News located in Atlanta Georgia. The majority of the world sees her on the news almost every night at 6pm and 10pm. Will we continue to see her reporting news on Fox 5 or will she be featured on the news for her drunk driving? Is her career going to be affected because of this?


           Ms. Davis was arrested on November 11, 2012 for apparently driving after she had been drinking. Following this reckless behavior was an accident around midnight on Piedmont Avenue. The accident was a head on collision. She was driving on the wrong side of the road and hit another car. Luckily, the person who was hit is alive and well.


           However, this is not a first offense for Amanda Davis. In 1991, she was arrested for D.U.I and speeding, but this time, she was not only charged with driving under the influence, but also reckless driving and driving in an improper lane. Along with going to jail, her driving license was confiscated and turned over to the state. She admitted to drinking, but she refused to take a sobriety test. She bonded out of jail early the next Sunday morning. 


           A fan on her Facebook page suggested that something could be going wrong in her life that she can’t deal with and claims people are being too hard on her.


           As a future journalist, I think that Amanda Davis is a bad influence on people that look up to her or wanted to do what she does in their future. The first offense could be considered understandable, but once it happens a second time, it’s not a mistake, it’s a choice!


 By Brittany Avery

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