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This is A CATastrophe!

December 5, 2012
Douglass High School


           The cute, bigheaded white kitten known as Hello Kitty is taking the world by storm. This white bobtail cat with the iconic large red bow has her own restaurant, is flying high on planes, riding in her own theme park and even taking care of babies in a maternity ward.

Hello Kitty is an adorable fictional character created by Ikuko Shimizu and produced by the Japanese company Sanrio. Her picture was first introduced to Japan on November 1, 1974 when she was featured on a plastic coin purse. Her first appearance to the United States was in 1976. This sweet kitten’s actual name is Kitty White and she’s portrayed with a height that’s five apples tall and a weight equivalent to three apples. Her characters birthplace was the suburbs of London, England on the date of November 1. Kitty White was given this English feel to add uniqueness and also to keep up with the trend of foreign countries in Japan present at the time of her creation. Hello Kitty is described as having a deep love of eating her mother’s homemade apple pie and being quite talented at baking cookies. Her favorite hobby is collecting cute things and her favorite subjects are English, Music and Art. Now, if you’re a dog fan turn your heads away, and if you’re a cat fan then be prepared to throw out your own for this new and loveable one! 

           If you would love to dine with kitty, then the “Hello Kitty Dreams” restaurant on the fourth floor of the Shimao department store in Beijing China is made for you. A Hello Kitty bomb seems to have gone off and splattered its contents on the entirety of the restaurant. Or someone that ate a lot of sugar, spice and everything nice has barfed all over the place. From floor to ceiling and table-to-table is the cute kitten theme. Right as you walk through the door you’ll be greeted by a tower of Hello Kitty dolls and products. Hello Kitty shaped sinks, mirrors, and dining booths add more to the atmosphere. Shocking pink walls, chandeliers, and seats highlight the restaurant. Hello Kitty toys and products are splattered and placed everywhere and on every surface. To top it all off, pictures of kitty with her family are spotted on every wall. The food served is both of western and Asian style. Though, I would highly suggest that you don’t go there just for a good meal. The dishes have been described as highly lacking, with cheap flavored sandwiches and unfavorable meat dishes. At least I hear the fries are good.

            Yet it doesn't stop their dear readers, why should kitty stop in a restaurant when she can literally take to the skies? Within the Taiwanese airline Eva Air are five Hello Kitty themed planes. From check-in with Kitty White decorated baggage tags and boarding pass to this flights end will be Hello Kitty at your side. It’s kind of like that annoying and snoring airplane passenger that’s decided to use your shoulder as a comfy pillow. The interior of the plane greets you with Hello Kitty stamped on flight attendant uniforms, head rest covers, and pillows. If you think kitty can’t see you in the restroom then you’re wrong, because she’s on all the toiletries such as liquid lotion, facial moisturizers, mists, perfumes and of course toilet paper. If that makes you sick then feel free to heavily use the Hello Kitty airsickness bag. 

            All of this sounds great right? None of this sounds completely weird, wild or crazy at all right? Any of you sick yet? Well, don’t worry then my sweet readers, because you can get treated at the Hua Sheng Hospital in Yualin Taiwan, if you’re pregnant. Located within this hospital is a three million dollar, first ever, Hello Kitty themed maternity ward. Now, even your children can get brainwashed by that famous cat before they’re even born! In this thirty bed capacity maternity ward your kittens- I mean children, will be born in the loving arms of professional doctors while a big headed white cat with beady eyes and no mouth stares at them from every corner of every place at every time! Everything is Hello Kitty from room décor, receiving blankets, nurse’s uniforms, bed linens and of course the cover of the birth certificate. That’s not creepy at all. 

             If flying, eating or giving birth isn’t your thing then come on down to the... wait for it.... here it comes folks, Hello Kitty theme park! Yet guess what there isn’t just one of them, but three! Located in Oita Prefecture in Kyushu Japan “Harmony Land” is a Hello Kitty theme park that houses the rides of all your favorite Hello Kitty buddies! Now even the famous cat ladies of your neighborhood can go and have fun! Or they can purr with delight at “Puroland” an indoor Hello Kitty theme park located in Tama New Town, Tokyo, Japan. So, do you think that’s where it all stops, well of course not! In 2014, opening to the public, will be a 215 million dollar Hello Kitty theme park located in Zheijang Province in China.

Located within these theme parks are exhilarating, wild and crazy rides, not made for anyone older than a child. If you’re feeling royal then travel into Kitty Castle. Or, wait, what, hello kitty's been kidnapped! No! If you want to be the hero of the story, then rescue sweet hello kitty from evil hands in the Hello Kitty Black Wonderland attraction. Had enough yet of hello kitty? Sorry, but I'm not done yet! What about the lovely Sanrio characters boat ride, now you get to be overfilled with Hello Kitty while being trapped on a watercraft with nowhere to run!  

            Hello kitty is on everything you need to live, which includes; dolls, stickers, greeting cards, clothes, accessories, school supplies, stationary supplies, purses, toasters, televisions, home appliances and computer equipment. Just so you should know, this is where you take a deep breath. That’s right, just breathe, it’s okay, Hello Kitty is here for you. Plus, I’m sure right now you’re showing a toothy grin, aren’t you? Why, because right now, we both know that you’re wearing Hello Kitty on you, maybe even everything on you is Hello Kitty themed. Don’t hide it, we both know it. But you know what, it’s okay, I won’t judge you…… much.

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