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Colts cheerleaders go bald for cure

December 19, 2012
Douglass High School

          As the Indianapolis Colts reached half time with a lead in the game, a different type of half time show was performed. Two of the Colts cheerleaders sat down in their assigned seats as the buzzing of the shaving clippers echoed throughout the stadium. 


          “People are dying from cancer everyday as we speak and we need to do whatever it takes to find a cure,” senior Elijah Williams said. 


   On November 25, 2012, the Indianapolis Colts played the Buffalo Bills at the Colts home stadium in Indianapolis. As half time approached, the Colts were winning, however, this half time show appeared a little different than previous ones. Instead of the cheerleaders flipping and jumping, they all crowded around two of their sister cheerleaders, Megan M. and Crystal Ann. Then as the two took their seats, “Blue” (the mascot for the Indianapolis Colts) held up the shaver and began to cut the cheerleaders hair. The two cheerleaders generously offered to have their heads shaved in support for finding a cure for Leukemia. Also, along with Great Clips they raised over 22,000 dollars in order to help all those in need of rescuing, one in which was the coach of the Colts, Chuck Pagano. Pagano was diagnosed with leukemia on September 12, 2012 and since then took a leave of absence to receive further treatment. 


          These cheerleaders have shown a great amount of spirit and determination for finding a cure for this disease. To a cheerleader, one strand of hair out of place is considered a bad hair day. Now their entire head is considered out of place, but for a fantastic cause. They shaved their heads in order to find a cure, which proves to be the most outstanding and courageous act a person could do in order to fight for a cause. We should all aspire to commit such acts of honor and bravery, and then we would be able to fight the battle that is Cancer. 


          “Finding a cure for leukemia is a cause worth fighting for, and I tip my hat off to the cheerleaders that were brave enough to shave their hair for such a cause,” sophomore and cheerleader Adrianna Smith said. 


By Ibrahim Carson


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