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Fences provide additional security for Astros

November 25, 2012
By Brittany Avery of Douglass High School

          For the past few weeks, each day that students arrive to school, men are hard at work building a fence around the entire campus of FDHS. The work has caused students and staff to ask the question, “What’s going on”?

           “The fences are being built for security reasons- for the safety of the teachers, students, and faculty,” Officer Currey said.

           The fences were first noticed in the Astro Park area because it is the main entrance and exit for students. The prompt appearance of the fences is what has everyone talking.

           “One day there were no fences and the next day we arrived, there were big steel poles everywhere,” senior Junia Depina said. “Many of us understand that they are for our safety and appreciate the efforts being made to ensure that we are safe,” she said.

           The fences, which cost over 100,000 dollars, are the source of much discussion and Dr. Horton assures students that it is merely a safety precaution for them as opposed to a way to keep them inside.

          “Contrary to some students’ belief that the fences are meant to lock them inside, they are actually being installed for their own safety. Before, the campus was free for any and everyone to come in, now with the fences, they can only enter the campus through the main office,” Dr. Horton said.

          The work is expected to be complete in about four weeks.

          Great things are happening at FDHS, both inside and out!


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