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FDHS elects new SGA officers

October 15, 2012
Douglass High School

     On October 2, 2012 Dr. E. Horton treated the FDHS Student Government Association (SGA) to lunch as they conducted their second meeting of the year to install the newly elected officers and discuss plans for the current school year. With the newly elected officers in place and the support of principal Dr. Horton, a promising plan for Frederick Douglass high school and its students has been set in motion.

     ”SGA helps to ensure that all teachers, students, and administrators are on the same page; We serve as the middle man,” sophomore class president Darryl Terry said.

     Terry explained that members of the SGA regularly discuss what should be done in the school.

     “We have established a suggestion box which is located on the second floor. In the suggestion box, students are able to write down any concerns that they may have regarding the school. The suggestion box is later sorted through in the SGA meetings. The topics are debated and voted on and possible solutions are made,” Terry said.

     The SGA is still discussing and evaluating plans for the 2012-2013 school year and is currently focused on providing engaging student activities for homecoming that promote school spirit and pride. They are committed to improving the school culture and creating an atmosphere where increased academic achievement can be realized. In addition to serving as a representative of the student voice in school, the SGA has also decided to dedicate themselves to community service by helping the homeless and catering to the elderly.

     As yesterday’s meeting concluded, officers introduced themselves by stating their name, position in SGA, and their personal interests and hobbies. Later, there was a group lunch where they gladly associated with each other and shared common interests.


By Adrianna Smith


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