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Fury Beats Biggest Rivals, Creates New Ones

April 6, 2012
Georgia Fury

All four teams of the Kennesaw Fury grab their first wins after facing their biggest rival program, the Cobb Purple Knights.  The AOT Final Four tournament highlighted the first game with the Fury White team against the CPK's Junior team.  Hype of these programs meeting together in a tournament has been widespread since the depart of the old General Manager of CPK, David Kelly, and him starting his own program with the Kennesaw Fury.  And with both programs practicing not only in the same school (though different gyms), but even at the same time, the hype of the teams grew far beyond the programs executive staff.  

Not only do the AOT Final Four tournament place their first game to highlight the Fury-CPK rivalry, but also gave them the opportunity to have both teams meet as many as four times during the weekend; they met three of those four chances.    

The Kennesaw Fury certainly had something to prove.  As a first year program, most expect the Fury teams to fail under the skilled play of more seasoned teams.  All teams and coaches vowed to do better than what they did last week in the Eric Snow Green and White Classic, where the Fury did not win a game between the program.  

That, they did.  The Varsity division of the tournament featured three of the four Fury teams; 11th Grade White, 11th Grade Blue and 12th Grade, along with two CPK teams and three other Georgia based teams; The Georgia Wizards, Team Georgia Elite and West Goergia Prep.  The 11th grade White team won top honors for the Fury program as they went 2-1, and taking the 3rd place in the Varsity division and winning the first of three victories over CPK.  Fury White looks to continue to impress under Coach Icyrene "Icy" Bell, as last week's final game showed how well they have been coming together in the 20 point comeback ending in a lost to the Georgia Stars 64-65.

Coach Andrew Lockett's 12th grade teams also went 2-1, though the 15 point win against the rival Knights and the 3 point lost against the new rival West Georgia Prep was overshadowed by near fights in both games.  "This team has so much talent and fight in them," states Kelly "but they just have to keep it under control.  I love their drive, but Coach Lockett has his hands full with them."  And though this team took 5th in the tournament, they actually proved to be the best team with only one 3 point lost and two wins averaging 13.5 points win margin per game.  

The 11th Grade Blue went 1-2, making sure to win their rival game with CPK in double digits under Coach David Howard.  With the extreme talent on this team, it is a little surprising they haven't shown as much success as the other Varsity teams in the program.  "Watching them in practice, they are so well ran," says Kelly.  "Like a well oiled machine.  But on the court, it seems like they are still trying to learn where each other will be on the floor.  When they start trusting each other, their game will start to improve."

The 9th grade team suffered two heart breaking losses to Real Builders and Goergia Fire, but came together to make sure they weren't left out in the winning for the program as they beat host team, A.O.T. (Roc).  In the two losses, the team seemed too over confident and made too many mistakes and turnovers, yet they lost only by 3 and 6 in overtime, respectively.  GM Kelly and Coach Sean Mitchell sat on the bench for two of the three games as they were able to get a real in-depth look in the Fury squad and what is needed to continue to grow.  There is no doubt that both of them will talk to the coaches as to how to make this good team, better.

All in all, it was a good week for the Fury program.  This week, they will be off for Spring Break, but they will be ready to jump again to their next tournament, the Spartans Challenge hosted by Eric Snow Sports.  This tournament will be webcasted on EricSnowSports.com.

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