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Middle school soccer expectations

August 7, 2012
By Doug Klopfenstein of Garrett High School

Coach Bigelow’s Expectations of Players


  • Academics:


I expect all players to maintain a minimum grade of “C” in every class throughout the season.  If a player is struggling with a class, I expect that player to notify me immediately.  The sooner we identify a need for help with a difficult subject, the soonerwe can find a solution.  If a player’s grade falls below a “C” in any class, we (coach andplayer) will discuss the reason(s) for that grade, and we’ll discuss how to raise the grade. If a player needs to miss a practice or a game in order to maintain his academicexpectations, I will not penalize that player on my team.  Student academic progress ismy number one priority as the Garrett Middle School soccer coach—not soccer.


  • Behavior:


I expect all players to be respectful toward me, toward teammates, and towardthemselves.  An attitude of humility and a willingness to learn are two characteristics ofworld-class soccer players and young men who are respected throughout the world. Soccer coaches are teachers and should be treated as experts in that subject area.  Anyunruly behavior during soccer practices or soccer matches will result in the loss ofplaying-time in subsequent soccer matches.


  • Practices/Games:


I expect players to attend all scheduled practices.  If I am not notified of an upcomingabsence from practice, there will be a loss of playing-time in subsequent soccer matches. If a player needs to miss a practice, I expect that player (not the parent) to notify mebefore practice and explain the reason for the absence.  Middle school is a time oflearning to become responsible young adults.  If a parent would like to call afterward andfollow up on the player’s explanation, I will certainly welcome any clarification.  Thesame expectations for practices hold true for our scheduled soccer matches as well.  


  • Playing:


I expect all players to learn the fundamentals of soccer and to develop their physical fitness, mental quickness, technical ability with the soccer ball, and teamwork.  Playing-time and the “Starting 11” will be based on performance in practices.  I expect all players will have fun as they learn how to become better soccer players.  

Welcome to the GMS Boys Soccer Team!

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