FFA » Garrard County FFA By-Laws

Article I – Relationship to Constitution

The Bylaws shall be a part of the constitution of the Garrard County FFA Chapter.

Article II – Membership Requirements

To be considered an active member of Garrard County FFA Chapter the following guidelines have been established to further clarify Article III, Section B of the Chapter Constitution.

Section A.             Must attend ½ of regularly scheduled meetings each semester.
Section B.
             Must pay all local, state, and national dues by October 1, of each year, if joining in the fall.  Dues must be paid by April 1, if joining in the spring.
Section C.
             Must display progress toward the degrees of membership through SAEP and participation in chapter activities.
Section D.             Maintain an SAEP including accurate records.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Section E.             Maintain 2.0 GPA

Article III – Election of Officers

Section A.             The officers of the Garrard County FFA Chapter will serve from banquet to banquet.  In the event the banquet is not held, chapter officers will be installed no later than May 10th.
Section B.
             The officers of the Garrard County FFA Chapter shall be elected annually in accordance to the following procedures.

1.  Any active member meeting the eligibility requirements may run for any office.
2.  Any active member must submit a written application to the chapter advisor(s) by the date specified.  Applications are obtainable from the advisor.

  The nominating committee shall consist of the following members:  senior officers that meet eligibility requirements as specified in Article II, and the chapter advisor(s).
  The nominating committee will review the applications, verify information, conduct necessary interviews, and nominate one name for each office, provided there are qualified applicants.
5.  At the April meeting designated for officer elections, the nominating committee representative will submit its report.

  Only those members who have submitted an application by the specified date will be eligible to hold office.  No other nominations will be accepted from the floor.
  Order of election shall be:  President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Reporter, Sentinel, and then other officers the chapter chooses to elect.
  A majority vote of the eligible members present at the April meeting shall be required to pass a slate of officers. 
9.  In the event of an office not being filled by having no nominees for an office, either by the nominating committee or from the floor, the office can be filled by appointment by the advisor and president or combined with another office upon consensus agreement of the advisor and the president.           10. The chapter may choose to elect auxiliary officers, as per the Official FFA Manual: Chaplain, Historian, and Parliamentarian.

Section C.             The Garrard County FFA Chapter may choose have a set of Greenhand/Junior/Assistant officers.  The requirements for a student to hold a Greenhand/Junior/Assistant office shall be as follows.

1.  In order to hold a Greenhand/Junior/Assistant office in the Garrard County FFA Chapter, the following criteria must be met.
  Must be an active member
  Must have paid all dues by Oct. 1 or designated time.
  Must be enrolled in or have had Introduction to Agriculture.
  May be a 1st year member.
  The members of the Garrard County FFA Chapter nominating committee shall elect Greenhand/Junior/Assistant officers.
  The duties of the Greenhand/Junior/Assistant officers shall be as follows:
  Conduct activities and meetings.
b.  Act as assistants to the chapter officers.

Section D.             Officer Duties

The duties of the elected officers shall be as outlined in the Official FFA Manual as well as other duties as needed to serve the chapter.

Section E.             Other Chapter Officers

Other chapter officers may be elected as the need arises.  The election of these officers shall follow the procedure outlined in Section B. Above.

Section F.     Requirements for Holding an Office

1.  Must fulfill the requirements to be an active member.
  Must be enrolled in an agricultural education class during term of office.
  Must maintain a 2.5 GPA for the previous two semesters and during the term of office.
  Must submit a written application obtainable from the advisor.
  Must have a desire to lead and to see the chapter grow and prosper.
  If elected during regular officer elections in April, must be able to attend either Kentucky State FFA Convention in June or Kentucky Leadership Training Center that year.
7.  Persons removed from office are not eligible to hold office again.                                                                                                                                      8.  These requirements are applicable to all events in which an officer may choose to participate. In the event an officer does not meet the minimum requirements, they may not participate in an event until the requirements are again fulfilled.

Section G.             Vacated Office

In the event an office is vacated due to officer moving out of district, graduating early, becoming academically ineligible, or by dropping out of school, that office shall be filled in the manner set forth below.

1.  President:  The vice president may step up to fulfill the duties of the president.  This shall be the decision of the vice president.  The chapter shall then fill the vacated office according to set procedure. All officers and active members are eligible for the vacated office as long as they meet the requirements to hold an office.
  If any other officer position is vacant, the office shall be filled by appointment by the advisor and president.
  Any vacancies in Greenhand offices shall be filled by special Greenhand elections.
4.  The advisor has the option to leave an office vacant until the next regularly scheduled officer elections.  Duties of that vacant office would be distributed among the other officers.

Section H.    Removal of Officer

There are times the removal of an officer from his/her office is necessary.  Due to the seriousness of this matter, at no time will this be taken lightly.

1.      Removal shall only be considered after the advisor and president have counseled with the officer in question and given that officer an adequate period of time to correct the problem or to step down on his/her own.
  An officer shall be subject to removal from office for the following reasons.
  Nonperformance of duties – failure to fulfill the duties of the office as stated in the Official FFA Manual and/or established by the chapter.
b.  Failure to attend meetings – Failure to attend 75% of the scheduled meetings each semester or misses 2 called officer meetings, without prior arrangements being made.  Having to work is not a legitimate reason to miss a meeting.  Meetings are scheduled at the beginning of the year to fall on the same day and time of the week, as often as possible, in order to allow officers to schedule other activities.

  Conduct unbecoming an FFA officer – If an officer engages in activity, which is deemed contrary to the ideas and standards set forth in the Official FFA Manual, the FFA Code of Ethics, is illegal, contrary to school district policies, or reflects negatively upon the Garrard County FFA Chapter.
  The secretary will note officer absence(s) and reason(s) in the minutes of the meeting and also on the member attendance chart.
  The secretary will notify the advisor and president that an officer has not attended 75% of the meeting or two called officer meetings.
  In any case of removing an officer from office, the following procedure will be used.
   Upon notification that an officer is in violation of Section H.2 above, the advisor and president, or designated officer shall investigate the situation and report back to the other members of the executive committee in executive session.  The officer in question shall not be at this meeting.  (See 5.h below for 2.c violation.)
    b.  The executive committee will then act upon the report presented to the committee.  It shall require a 2/3 vote of remaining officers to place the officer in question on probation.  The probationary period shall last until the executive committee is satisfied that the situation is corrected or until it has determined that the situation cannot be corrected and it recommends that the officer be removed from office.
  The officer in question shall be notified of the results of this meeting.
  During the probationary period, the advisor and president, or designated officer shall counsel with the officer as to the circumstances surrounding the reason for probation and ways to correct the problem.
   The officer on probation shall have the opportunity to present a written letter to the executive committee stating his/her position.
  During the probationary period, the executive committee shall meet to review any correspondence from and the performance of the officer.  The decision to keep the officer in question on probation, return officer back to full active status, or remove officer from office shall be made at this/these meeting(s).
  An officer can only be put on probation one time.  If after that, the officer fails to perform, the officer shall be removed from office, the chapter notified, and the office filled according to established procedure.
  In the event an officer is accused of 2c above, the following procedure shall be used.
  The officer in question shall have five (5) days to draft a response to the accusations and present any evidence in his/her defense.
  The advisor and president, or designated officer shall investigate the situation and report back to the executive committee in executive session.  The officer in question shall not be at this meeting.
  The executive committee will then act upon the report presented.  It shall require a ¾ vote of the remaining officers to remove the officer from office.  There shall be no probationary period.  Decisions of the executive committee upon this matter shall be final. The chapter will be notified at the removal and the office filled by standard procedures.
  Due to the fact that the advisor is ultimately responsible for the success and/or public image of the chapter, the advisor shall reserve the right to remove an officer from office that has proven himself/herself a negative influence toward the chapter or other officers, fails to fulfill requirements to hold office, demonstrated the inability to work with the advisor or officers of the chapter, or has proven himself/herself untrustworthy.
7.  Due to the seriousness of these matters, no member shall be permitted to discuss pending disciplinary action outside the confines of the chapter.   Anyone engaging in these activities shall be subject to disciplinary action by the chapter.                                                                          8.  If a member or officer is in violation of any of the regulations set forth, the advisor and president, or designated officer, may council with the school principal, dean of students, or any assistant principal.


Section I.               Election Guidelines

All elections for officers shall follow Article XI, Sections A, B, and C of the National FFA Constitution, as afforded by Public Law 105-225 (Formerly Public Law 81-740) of the 105th Congress

Article IV – Duties of the Chapter Advisor(s)

Section A.             The agricultural education instructor(s) shall act as the chapter advisor(s).

Section B.             The duties of the advisor(s) shall be as outlined in the Official FFA Manual.

Article V – Benevolence

Section A.    It shall be the practice of the Garrard County FFA Chapter to offer its sympathy and condolences in the event an officer or member suffers the loss of an immediate family member, upon notification of this loss.

Section B.             Immediate family consists of parent (father, mother, stepfather, or stepmother), brother, sister, child, or grandparent.

Section C.             The chapter shall set up a benevolence account, which will be used to handle these situations.  Each semester, the executive committee shall review the status of this account and levy any dues necessary to maintain the account at an adequate level.  The starting level shall be established at $100.00.  The treasurer shall be responsible for handling this account.

Section D.             In the event of a loss of this nature, the chapter shall send a card to the member.  An officer designated by the advisor or president shall handle this.  Not more than $10.00 shall be spent.

Section E.     Extended Illness or Injury

1.   In the case of an extended illness or injury requiring hospitalization of the FFA member, the chapter shall send a card and/or plant to the FFA member.  The officer designated by the advisor or president shall handle this. If the plant has to be purchased, not more than $20.00 shall be spent.
2.  If the extended illness or injury of an officer creates a vacancy, the corresponding Greenhand/Junior/Assistant officer shall fill the chapter office, if available, until the return of the chapter officer.  If the vacancy is the president, the vice president shall step up until the return of the president.  If there is not a corresponding Greenhand/Junior/Assistant officer, the advisor and president shall appoint a member to temporarily fill the position.

Section F.              Death of an Officer

In the event of a death of a current or former officer, the chapter shall pay its last respects to the family by sending a card and plant or other benevolence as appropriate.  The remaining current officer team shall attend, if being held within a reasonable distance to Lancaster, the visitation and/or funeral as a group in official dress.

Section G.             Death of a Member

1.  Current member – In the event of the untimely death of a current member, the chapter shall pay its respects to the family as in section D above. The current officer team shall attend, if being held within a reasonable distance to Lancaster, the visitation and/or funeral as a group in official dress
2.  Former member – In the event of the death of a former member and upon notification of the death, the chapter shall send a card expressing its sympathy.

Article VI. – Amendments

The constitution and bylaws may be amended according to the following methods.

·         The proposed amendment must be submitted, in writing, to the chapter during a regularly scheduled meeting.

·         The president or chairman shall appoint a committee of five to research the amendment and make sure that it is not in conflict with the state association constitution or the constitution of the National FFA Organization.  This committee shall report back to the chapter at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

·         Based upon the report of the committee, appropriate action shall be taken by the chapter at that time.