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JV '14 Summary

May 27, 2014
By Ryan Allman of Fremont High School

I felt compelled to write a follow up article on my first year as JV coach.  I could not have asked for a better group of guys to have for the first year.  I had just the right mix of leadership and untapped talent.  I appreciated my coaching buddy, Cory Hull, helping out all year.  We are kind of a package deal.  He let's me do what I need to do while being the work horse, which is greatly appreciated.

For the most part I had nothing but great attitudes and good examples of young men.  I go about things a little differently than most are used to, but that is how I fell in love with the game and I hoped I help them do the same this year.  I wanted to stress every game and practice that it is a game, the greatest in the world, but that is it...a game.  It's not life or death.  I tried and tried to explain to the guys how good they really are when they work as a group, for example the Fairfield and Prairie Heights games.  

We had great leadership from Kyle Lowe and Jordan Rode.  They will both be good leaders at the next level.  I loved watching those guys finally get some wins.  Lowe and Rode played where ever I needed someone that day and define Dirtbag on the JV team.  Caleb Presley always kept everything loose and it was great to see him back in a uniform again...hopefully next year too.  Tyler Smith was probably the most improved player of the year and all it took was a little confidence.  Adam Araque was strong at the plate, as Coach Bock would call him "a professional hitter".  He did whatever I needed when I needed it.  Whether it as going to get the bases or cheer while on the bench or lay down a bunt when he was hitting hot...Araque did what was needed.  Caleb Vice, a new kid to the Eagles, looked like he learned a lot from the beginning to the end.  Vice got a hit into right on his last game of the year, a far cry from the beginning of the year in the Team Building.  Eric Hall had some key hits for us and pitched great in a game at Leo against some stiff competition.  Eric could be very good if he would do as I ask and not let his head get the best of him.  

The rest of the team was full of those Freshman...fortunatly or unfortunatly Coach Hull said they are a lot like me.  Probably not good for their parents, just kidding.

Jackson Cardoso stepped up in a big way after we lost our first baseman early in the year due to school issues.  Cardoso played a position he had never played at first and even got some throwing in on the mound.  He will be a great asset to the pitching staff in the future.  I just need some time to work with him one on one.  Jake Baker was the back bone of our lineup all year.  It was great to watch the kid consistantly hit game after game.  And he hit the ball hard, he did not just put it in play.  Jake also did a consistant job behind the plate all year.  Then there is this guy named Joe Conti, great sense of humor and a good second baseman.  He made my stomach hurt everytime a fly ball was hit to him but more than not he caught it.  He had some very clutch hitting performances for us this year including a couple of 3 for 3 games.  He is another that with confidence could really go somewhere.  Jayce Colclasure was tough at third base all year.  Later in the year he got a lot of playing time in the outfield and honestly that is his home.  He is very comfortable out there and will look great in the Varsity uniform in the outfield.  He also had a couple of great games at the mound not to mention the Fairfield complete game.  Logan Pentecost played a nice center field for most of the year.  Logan was battling back problems all year and sat out the last full week of the season.  His knowledge of the game and his base running...not to mention his team leading .479 batting average was missed.  Nate Midtgard and Dylan Peppler both went back and forth for several games.  Peppler was a sure handed outfielder and helped us out at the plate in a couple of games.  Midtgard threw a couple of games on the mound and had a beautiful throwout from left field at the Leo game, probably his best game as a JV player.  

We also appreciated the help Braxton Baker supplied in the Coldwater tourney.  We won a close game with him pitching in the morning, watched him play 3rd in the last two games while tearing it up at the plate.

All in all, a great first season as an Eagle.  Our record does not reflect the skill level of these guys, even though 7 wins is good compared to the past...if they knew how good they really were and used it every game we would have easily went .500 or better.

Thanks to Coach Bock and Mr. Probst for giving Coach Hull and I the opportunity to enjoy the game I love.

Eagle Baseball. Champions!

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