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JV baseball travels to Westview

April 20, 2014
By Ryan Allman of Fremont High School

As a coach, if I was to play a game out in my mind and at the end of that game we scored 6 runs...I would plan on a win.  Today did not go the way we wanted after giving up 10 runs in the first inning, 8 of which were unearned.  After the first inning and the Twilight Zone we were in, we actually ended up winning the last 6 innings 6-3.

In the first half of the first inning we started nice getting the first two runners on base.  Jayce Colclasure hit a fly ball to the right side of the infield and it was dropped by the first baseman.  In what was a late, if at all, called infield fly; Kyle Lowe was thrown out at thrid on a weird play. What resulted was a double play that took us right out of a possible good inning.  

Lowe was then challenged to come out on a chilly morning and take the mound.  For some reason when our ace pitches we struggle supporting him in the field.  Lowe threw strikes and our fielders just couldn't make the plays to keep the first inning short.  After a couple of errors Westview began putting the ball in open spots on the field.  It ended up 10-0 after the first inning.  Feeling down about the first inning, the guys struggled hitting and did not put any runs on the board until we had a spark from Adam Araque and his nicely placed bunt.  It was then Westview's turn to throw the ball around.  We ended up scoring 4 runs in the fourth.  Lowe, although not getting much help, pitched good with a lot of strikes...which is all we can ask from him.  He ended up throwing 4 innings and only giving up 3 more runs after the first inning.  Logan Pentecost was then asked to come in and get some work on the mound.  Pentecost was on fire only giving up one hit and striking out two in two innings of work.  His curve ball was freezing the Westview batters and I think the difference between Lowe and Pentecost on the mound was just enough to mess with the hitters.  

After the game we talked about the importance of starting the game in the first inning...not the 3rd or 4th.  The first inning was probably my most frustrating yet as a coach.  I normally do not get frustrated, but I know how it is to stand out there and throw strikes and not get help from the field.  I challenged the guys to step it up next game...which just happens to be at ANGOLA Tuesday.  I never expect to win games, but I always expect our players to play hard.  We need to see it Tuesday and we need to see it in 7 innings...not 6.  Adversity happens and we cannot control the calls that are made, or in this case not made, but we need to shake them off and play our game.

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