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A season in review

March 26, 2012
By Jen Wagner of Forest Lake Girls Basketball

Sunday March 18th was a wonderful banquet and celebration of the many successes each team and player had during the 2011-2012 season. Below are all the teams' records, award winners and each coaches' comments. Thank you for a great year!!!

9th grade: 28-8 overall, 13-2 conference. SEC Conference CHAMPS!

Most Improved: Tayler Erickson

Hardest Worker: Jessie Copt

Co-MVP's: Jessica Erickson and Chase Shortly

Coach Chris Rupar's recap: 

It's been said that 'too many chefs spoil the soup,' a sentiment that may be true in the kitchen - but certainly not on the basketball court. All twelve of the Freshman Rangers brought something different to the table, and it was this diversity that made them go. It seemed that on any given day - a new leader would emerge and for a brief moment steer her teammates toward another lessen learned or victory earned. A true 'team' in every sense of the word; these Rangers defended their home court with a ferocity unmatched and stuck together whenever taking to the road. The on court accomplishments were great (three tournament championships, one third place finish, nearly 30 wins for the season, state tournament appearance), but it was the growth and cohesiveness as a group that won't be found in any record book. The 2011-2012 Freshman Rangers will forever be Suburban East Conference champions - but it's the 'family' they became that makes them a truly special team (and not one spice too many).


10th grade: 9-18, 5-13 conference

Most Improved: Jenni Larson

Hardest Worker: Chelsea Steffensen

Co-MVP's: Dana Larson and Chelsie Bethke

Coach Roger Keller's recap:

So often success is defined by the wins and losses a team records during the season. For this year's Forest Lake sophomore team, we redefined success by small incremental improvements we would make game by game. This eclectic group of athletes, early in the season, worked hard to define the character of the team and struggled to find their rhythm. As the season progressed they found connections with each other by exploiting their strengths as individuals and as a team. The players defined themselves as "scrappy" playing increasingly rigid defense and finding opportunities to score. Success was defined as being competitive and hard working. The Rangers worked the second rotation through conference play with a different attitude including wins over teams they had not beaten earlier and playing the top conference teams buzzer to buzzer. They played with heart and passion.


JV: 22-2, 15-1 conference. Best JV record in SEC Conference!

MVP: Sarah Jaeb

Coach Shannon Kubicek and Renee Frericks' recap:

The 2011-12 Forest Lake Junior Varsity team had an enjoyable season where all 10 young ladies contributed to the team's achievement and growth.  This incredibly successful season of 22-2 was the result of 10 very smart and athletic girls who grew tremendously throughout the season as individual basketball players but also as a team.


Varsity: 16-12, 10-8 conference

Most Improved: KP Palo

Hardest Worker: Miranda Rice

MVP: Bailey Norby

Ranger Award: Sam Anderson

Academic All-State: Rachel Bostrom

1,000 point scored: Bailey Norby

All Conference Honorable Mention: Sam Anderson, Anna Eckert and Emily Peters

All Conference: Bailey Norby

2011-2012 Captains: Rachel Bostrom, Sam Anderson and Micah McGuiness

2012-2013 Captains: Angie Frericks, KP Palo and Bailey Norby

Coach Jen Wagner's recap:

What an incredible ride the 2011-2012 season was. With this season compiled of arguably the 16 most talented basketball players Forest Lake girls' basketball has ever had; each player was able to contribute to fiercely competitive practices, successful game performances and an overall successful JV and Varsity season. It was impressive to watch the growth each player had throughout the season, working to play our best basketball at the end of the season winning the last 5 of 6 games. As a coaching staff, we could have not asked for anything more from these girls. Their work ethic, coach ability and rapport with each other was all of the highest standard and very enjoyable to be a part of. Thank you for your continuous hard work, positive attitudes and ability to be a positive difference maker in every aspect of your life. A special thank you to our three seniors; I am so proud of each of you and feel very blessed to have been able to be a part of your journey. Each of you will continue on to many successes in the future! To the returners, back to work….State 2013 here we come!!!!!!!!!

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