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Hoke County Touchdown Club

Welcome to the Touchdown Club of Hoke County High School

Dr. Freddie Williamson; Superintendent Hoke County Schools
Roger Edwards; Principal, Hoke County High School
Gary Brigman; Athletic Director, Hoke County High School


Glen Young: President

President; Glen Young: email: or or cell 910-257-2336

Vice President; Reggie Pickler

Secretary; Lashawn Kelly

Treasurer; Gary Brigman, Athletic Director



Coach Milton Butts and the Hoke County Football Coaching Staff 
Stephanie Pickler 

Eliska Robinson

Mary Musselwhite

Etta & Anthony Garth 

Betty Kershaw 

Kim Edmonds  

Willie McCaskill 

Mission Statement



We have come together to support the student athlete during their entire football experience.  Our mission is to encourage good sportsmanship on and off the field and academic excellence.  We are dedicated to promoting  Hoke County team spirit throughout the community.  We are here for the Bucks' players.  It is through our continued dedication and love for the sport that keeps the momentum of the Touchdown Club alive and striving for the best that can be offered and that support is what continues to make the Hoke County Football program better with each and every passing year!



Supporting: Hoke County High School FOOTBALL Teams (Freshman, Junior Varsity and Varsity)

Purpose: To manage and support the operation of the Football Teams at Hoke County High School

Membership: Parents and guardians of the Football team athletes, alumni, and members of the community with the desire to support the Hoke County High School Football program.

Fees: Membership dues are $20.00 annually which includes T-Shirt or a Hat

Officers: The Club will operate under the direction of a Board of Directors, consisting of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The President, Vice President, and Secretary will be selected by nomination and majority vote of those present at the election meeting of the Football Booster Club. If any positions are unfilled at the election meeting, they may be filled by appointment of the Board. The Varsity Football Coach will serve as a permanent Treasurer.

President's Duties (1 Year Term):

  • Oversees and/or delegates fundraising activities that have been approved by the Football Booster Club.
  • Assures that the Football Booster Club fundraising activities are chaired, organized, and carried through.
  • Work with the Secretary to set agenda and chairs the Football Booster Club meetings and distribute information and communications.
  • Works with the Treasurer to assure that the fundraising proceeds and membership donations are accurately counted and deposited into the Football Booster Account and directed toward the specific HCHS Football program expense for which funds were raised.
  • Responsible for maintaining compliance with established rules for this kind of organization (i.e., IRS and SDUSD policies).
  • Works with the Football Coach and Athletic Director regarding issues that affect the Football Team Boosters.
  • Submits facilities and master calendar requests for Football Team Booster fundraisers and other activities.

Vice President's Duties (1 Year Term):

  • Supports the President's activities and fills in his/her absence.
  • Acts as Football Booster Club Historian.
  • Assists with publicity for fundraising events, working as necessary with HCHS Athletic Director on posting/advertisement guidelines.

Secretary's Duties (1 Year Term):

  • Takes accurate minutes of all meetings of the Football Booster Club.
  • Submits written unapproved minutes to Football Booster Club members at their next meeting for consideration and approval.
  • Maintains all files and records of activities of the Football Booster Club.
  • Distributes information regarding all aspects of the Football Booster Club via e-mail communication, website, Fighting Bucks website and various other methods.
  • Schedules Football Booster Club meetings and keeps calendar.

Treasurer's Duties  (Football Coach, Permanent):

  • Keeps all accounting of expenses and income for the Football Booster Club account and all Football Club fundraisers.

.      Collects funds generated at Football Booster Club fundraisers, as well as all fees charged to the players of the teams.

  • Ensures that all monies received are double counted for verification.
  • Deposits all funds and ensures that all funds are directed to the specific Football expense for which they were raised.
  • Submits payment requests to the HCHS Athletic Director for payment of specific and approved Football expenses and activities (consulting fees, referee fees, etc.)
  • Maintains all financial information, statements, etc., in a permanent file to be transferred immediately to any newly elected Treasurer.
  • Make available to the board, monthly financial statements outlining income and expenditures during the previous month. This report shall be submitted to the Booster Club Board. The most current financial statement will be available upon request to any member in good standing.

Terms: New officers will be elected by 1 June of each year.  Terms will last one year with the option to be re-elected.  There is no limit on the number of terms served.

Officer Removal: Issues regarding concerns over an officer's performance of their duties should be first addressed with the specific officer involved and the other members of the board.  If there is no resolution, those with concerns should contact the Head Football Coach or Athletic Director to express their concerns and the resolution discussion noted above.  If warranted, the Head Football Coach or Athletic Director will discuss the concerns with the affected officer.  If it is determined that removal may be warranted, they will call a meeting of the members of the Football Booster Club Board to discuss and vote on removal of said officer.  If, by majority vote, the officer is removed, the Head Football Coach or Athletic Director will instruct the officer in writing to step down and immediately transfer all materials relative to their office to the President of the Board.  An election to replace the officer will be conducted at the next regularly scheduled board meeting of the Football Booster Club.

 Liaison: The Football Booster Club President shall serve as the point of contact to the HCHS Administration.  Any of the members of the board may serve as a representative at HCHS Administration meetings, etc. as directed by the President.

Decisions: Decisions will be made by discussion and majority vote of the board.

Recording: All decisions will be recorded in the minutes taken by the Secretary and reflect the maker of the motion, who seconded the motion, and the number of votes cast (for, against, and abstained)

Meetings: The Football Booster Club will meet the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm. Meeting dates will be submitted to the HCHS Athletic Director to be included in the school's Master Calendar.  Additionally, meeting dates and times will be communicated through meeting minutes, handouts sent home to Football Booster Club members through team members, and through the use of  the Raeford News Journal, a phone, fax, and/or email tree, as needed. Additional meetings of the Board be called as needed.

 Bylaws:  These Bylaws were adopted by a majority vote of the membership of the TD Club. 

These by laws may be amended at any meeting of the Booster Club Board or a general membership meeting, provided a 1 week notice is provided via e-mail to all members of the club. A vote of a 2/3 majority will be required to amend these bylaws.

Any changes to the Bylaws will be made public to the membership.

Acceptance: These Bylaws will be reviewed, and accepted via unanimous voice vote, at the Touchdown club meeting on 23 June 2008.