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January 25, 2013
By Mike Thompson of Farmington High School

Week of January 17th 
Captain:  Jake Bauman, Joey Todd, Matt Heinzerling
Evening to all Farmington Lacrosse families.  Few points to discuss and shed some light on:
The following players have turned in their cards/dollars from the Bakers Square card fundraiser. If you are not on this list you are expected to turn your cards/cash in prior to next Thursday. No exceptions. You were given 15 cards so the equivelant of cards/cash turned in needs to equal $225 (Cards had a $15 value). You can make arrangements with Linda Hererra directly. Take the few minutes to contact Linda to arrange that time to turn this in.

Nick Workman Pat Droubie
Gavin Quinn Dan Bunzey
Joey Todd James Earp ( will be bringing
in cards/money next week)
Chris Fitzgibbons Nathan Burnelle
Josh Bloom James Thompson
Jake Herrera Michael Thompson
Jessee Aubrecht Daniel Block
Alex Aubrecht Kegan (Will be turning in cards
next week)
Jake Baumann Alex Castillo
Alex Schrafft

mrjph@frontiernet.net  Linda Hererra 
Player/Parent Meeting
We will be having a player/parent meeting preceding our season this year on January 24th at 7pm.  Ideally we'll discuss all that is needed as we head into our fourth season:  captains practices/space, apparel, tryouts, winter league, camps/clinics, workouts, upcoming events etc....Our goal is to keep this meeting to thirty minutes.  Team handbooks will be handed out.
Tiger LAX Apparel
We will be communicating a window of time where you can order your 2013 Tiger Lacrosse team apparel.  It will be handed out at our player/parent meeting. Need to keep the window short so we can have all of the goods before the start of the season. Stay tuned as this announcement will come shortly and be posted via email and to our FB page and website.
FHS Core Workouts
Our workout times have begun as of the new year. They are designed specifically for our Lacrosse season and to be around 30-45 minute sessions 3X a week. You can attend any days of the week that fits your schedule and regardless if you are working out at another venue or in another sport it will be good for your son to attend these workouts.  If you are not running or working cardio at least 4X a week already it's time to start as the season is fast approaching.
New Website:
Please check out our new website www.ihigh.com/farmingtonboyslacrosse   Let us know what you think!!
We will be doing a Bingo night, salt/mulch sales, and possibly a few Cub grocery bagging events. Identified wants/needs this year for fundraising are the following:
Cage back stops. (As good as these guys are getting they still occasionally miss the net and balls end up in the pond), Rick Rassier team training (we did this two years ago and was well received), team shooter sublimated shooter shirts, white varsity team shorts
If you have other fundraising ideas or thoughts please see our fundraising coordinator in Linda Herrera mrjph@frontiernet.net
Captains Practices:
Yes, they have been cancelled. Yes, we recognize the space was not ideal.  And yes, we are looking into turf options again in February and March. These turf spaces will cost however and we will communicate availability and cost for players to sign up for. 
Spring Break/Tryouts:
 Season starts on April 1st and tryouts will be the first two days of our season. More to come on the breakout of these tryouts but mostly will focus on stick skills (both hands), shooting, ground balls, footwork and field awareness, defense, and overall athleticism.  We are infusing a +/- system into our statistics this year which will emphasize a defensive mindset all over the field.
If you would like to help out in any way please contact Ginny Bauman at jkgjbauman@frontiernet.net and we will discuss many upcoming activities that parent support will be crucial for.
Any questions generally as to what our expectations are leading into the season please email me at farmingtonlax@yahoo.com
Coach Sorensen   Coach Fox

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