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Hello to all Falcon Football Families!


KUDOS to the many Falcons who were recognized and honored to this award!!!

Jordan Haliburton - Special Teams Player of the Year Honors


Coach of the year: Matt Irvin, Kirkwood 

Offensive player of the year: QB Rob Thompson, sr., Webster Groves 

Defensive player of the year: DB Cam Hilton, sr. Webster Groves 

Lineman of the year: Robert Taylor, Kirkwood 

Newcomers of the year

QB Kaleb Eleby, fr., Pattonville

RB-LB Carl Garmon, so., Ritenour


RB Robert Columbus, sr., Kirkwood

RB Tyrone Eastern, sr., Pattonville

RB Carl Garmon, so., Ritenour

WR Amonte Mason, sr., Kirkwood

WR Jake Stroker, sr., Pattonville

WR Cam Hilton, sr., Webster Groves

OL Robert Taylor, sr., Kirkwood

OL Luke Lowry, jr., Kirkwood

OL Justin Tunnicliff, sr., Summit

OL Mark Abegg, sr., Webster Groves

OL Anthony Jackson, sr., Webster Groves

K Jack Faron, so., Parkway North


DL Luke Lowry, jr., Kirkwood

DL Rashon Anderson, sr., Parkway North

DL De-Drion Thomas, sr., Ritenour

DL Jalen Allen, sr., Pattonville

LB Taylor Jones-Morgan, sr., Parkway North

LB Jordan Wilkes, jr., Pattonville

LB Cory Mack, sr., Webster Groves

LB Carl Garmon, so., Ritenour

DB JC Chery, jr., Kirkwood

DB Quran Williams, sr., Parkway North

DB Seyvon Kenney, sr., Ritenour

DB Tim Hall, jr., Summit

P Jack Faron, so., Parkway North


QB Will Hadler, sr., Kirkwood

RB Jerod Alton, jr., Kirkwood

RB Sam Pennington, jr., Summit

RB Nick Delgado, sr., Webster Groves

WR Jordan Haliburton, jr., Summit

WR John Thomas, sr., Webster Groves

WR Alex Geary, sr., Kirkwood

OL Jerome Tuckson, sr., Webster Groves

OL Miles Beattie, so., Kirkwood

OL Jalen Allen, sr., Pattonville

OL Patrick Tosti, sr., Summit

OL Chad Nardi, sr., Kirkwood

K Caleb Kappler, jr., Summit


DL D'Mondre Wiliams, sr., Pattonville

DL Elliot Leinauer, jr., Summit

DL Jacob Robinson, sr., Summit

DL Caleb Grandberry, sr., Webster Groves

LB Markail Williams, jr., Pattonville

LB Qwan Holmes, sr., Parkway North

LB Rashaad Taylor, jr., Parkway North

LB Trevor Parhornski, sr., Pattonville

DB John McClure, sr., Summit

DB Anthony Washington, jr., Webster Groves

DB Jamal Scott, jr., Kirkwood

DB Josh Jackson, jr., Pattonville

DB Matt Seymour, sr., Summit

P Tony Alaimo, sr., Summit

As always... GO FALCONS!!!
Head Varsity Coach Eric Stewart and his wife Michelle, proudly introduce

Best receiving performances (2+ Rec)

Ronnell Perkins, University City (vs McCluer North, 9/6) 5 208 2
Drew Phelan, Clayton (vs Jennings, 9/6) 4 199 0
Brandon Sumrall, Lutheran North (vs Westminster, 9/6) 9 147 1
Tre'von Billington, Soldan (vs Madison Prep, 9/6) 5 143 2
Brett Lane, Civic Memorial (vs Mattoon, 9/6) 6 137 0
Alex Geary, Kirkwood (vs Lafayette, 9/6) 6 131 3
Holden Wilmsen, Priory (vs John Burroughs, 9/6) 10 123 0
Brandon Jones, Vashon (vs Cleveland, 9/6) 7 114 2
Dan Morris, Fort Zumwalt East (vs Francis Howell, 9/6) 3 108 1
Ryan Norwine, O'Fallon Christian (vs Trinity, 9/6) 7 105 1
Alec Tonioli, Warrenton (vs Washington, 9/5) 7 104 1
Jordan Haliburton, Summit (vs Parkway West, 9/6) 8 100 0
Blake Huskey, O'Fallon Christian (vs Trinity, 9/6) 3 99 1
Kyle Markway, Vianney (vs SLUH, 9/5) 7 94 0
Cameron Hilton, Webster Groves (vs Parkway South, 9/6) 5 89 3
Ben Lampe, Mater Dei (vs IC Catholic, 9/6) 2 89 0
Randy Price, Seckman (vs Hillsboro, 9/6) 4 85 0
Alijah Fuelen, Miller Career (vs Ritenour, 9/6) 2 85 0
Trevor White, Fort Zumwalt West (vs CBC, 9/6) 3 84 2
Keegan Baxmeyer, Freeburg (vs Carlyle, 9/6) 6 82 0
Hello to all Falcon Football Families!
What an amazing night!  By far, this was the best Ryan Hummert Spirit Night since its beginning in 2008.  For the first time, the Hummert Family was in attendance.  Ryan Hummert's legacy lives in this community and the love that not only embraced him, but embraced his; family, fellow firefighters, fellow first responders, friends, former coaches/teammates/teachers, and all that knew him, was beaming last night and greatly felt.  Everything, from the absolutely gorgeous painting of the Falcon by Jerry Keller, Gary Burlison, and Dave Moran, to the high school coaches/players/staff, the Jr Falcons, Poms, Silver Stars, band/color guard, cheerleaders, Freddie, students, and the community was a "Class Act"!  What everyone did to work together for a night that honored our Hometown Hero and First Responders, not only accomplished that, but significantly changed the hearts of the Hummert family.  To see this and feel this is absolutely, without a doubt, amazing... we are FENTON, we are SPECIAL, and we STAND TOGETHER!!   
A BIG thank you goes to the parents/students who decorated the building, placed cups in the fence  "Gone but not forgotten", E Board members and their families who worked selling Hummert Memorial T shirts/spiritwear/Official 2014 Game Program (Thank you Cassi Bax for a terrific job creating this gorgeous program), the Maplewood Firefighters, the Fenton Firefighters who hung our country's beautiful flag, the St. Louis County Police Officers, Principal Renee Trotier, Athletic Director Mitch Lefkowitz, and the many parents who volunteered to step in and just help wherever it was needed.   Without these terrific people working together, this night would not be possible.  KUDOS to everyone who selflessly helped make this a night to truly be remember.  
As I  stated, the Hummerts attending for the first night were deeply touched by the outgoing support and love for them and for their son.  Jackie told me that through this tragic event, she now is beginning to see the good coming from this.  They are very thankful to everyone and especially touched by all the positive and encouraging words about what Ryan meant to so many.  
Again, on behalf of the Falcon Football Boosters, the Hummert Family, Summit, and "the 026" thank you.  Thank you for being a community that loves strongly, gives freely, and stands together through thick and thin.  We are Fenton and we should feel blessed in being lucky enough to experience it and to be part of it.  Check out the coverage from Fox 2 News about Ryan Hummert Night
CONGRATS to Stanton Elementary who WON the "Traveling Spirit Trophy" this year!!!  Stanton's principal and students were very fired up as the trophy has been with Uthoff for several years.  Lastly, what do we say about that BIG win on the scoreboard????  To describe it in one word... IMPRESSIVE!  Great job coaches and players for two in a row!!!  This weeks schedule; Tuesday, the Freshman and JV Falcons travel to Seckman.  Freshman Kickoff 4:15PM and JV at 6PM.  Come on out and see what these guys are all about.  Lets look for another SWEEP this week!  Friday, Varsity travels to Parkway West - 7PM Kickoff and on Saturday, the Jr Falcons have their season opener at HOME - Rockwood South; 5th grade Kickoff - 8AM, 6th grade Kickoff - 9:45, 7th grade kickoff - 11:30AM, and 8th grade Kickoff - 1:15PM.  So, that looks like a lot of Falcon football this week.  Mark your calendars and lets pack the stands and show our support.  Whether it is a home or an away game... pack your cars and be there!
Also, please mark your calendars for the Chili's Ryan Hunnert Give Back Night on SEPTEMBER 10th,  which is an all day event 11AM - close which will honor Ryan.  All proceeds from the percentage of sales will be applied to the Rayn Hummert Scholarship, which will be awarded to a senior football player who displays the outstanding leadership and characteristics that Ryan so greatly displayed.  
The Hummerts and Maplewood Chief Merrell arriving to Ryan Hummert Spirit Night (Chief Merrell's son pictured)
Ryan Hummert  "Gone, but not forgotten"
Thank you Jerry Keller, Gary Burlison and Dave Moran for your outstanding love put into our Falcon!!!
 Ryan Hummerts Chief and fellow firefighters from Maplewood FD
Firefighters and Hummerts at Coin Toss
At the coin toss
Stanton Elementary - WINNERS of 2014 Traveling Spirit Trophy!!!
Hello to to all Falcon Football Families!
If you didn't come through Fenton Fire House #1 yesterday, you missed out on seeing just what our community, Fenton, is... SPECIAL!  
The families and community rallied to support police officers and first responders who are working in very difficult conditions and circumstances in Ferguson.  Thank you to the Police Officer's Wives Group who generated the efforts, the Younger family and their initiation, SRO Gordon, my son, belated husband, and police officer friends (who inspired/motivated me), the Falcon and Fenton families who muscled all the donations (cases upon cases of everything and everything to help the officers), and the Falcon and Fenton families who made donations of not only food, but monetary donations,and gift cards as well.  We should all be very PROUD of the community we live in and raise our children in!!!  
Yesterday was amazing... there were several pick up trucks full and then a Two Men and a Truck was completely FULL TO THE RIM!  I can tell you first hand, officers had smiles after over a week of negative circumstances brought upon them.  The out pouring energy and support was noticed and several officers have told me to please express to everyone their appreciation and to let you know that you have made a difference in their morale. Please pray for the Brown Family, the Ferguson community, and the police officers/first responders.  POWER of prayer is amazing and very much needed for this terrible situation. 
I have attached a  picture from yesterday so you can see how much support was present at Fenton Fire House #1.  Thanks again to all Falcon Families and to the Fenton community!!!  As always... GO FALCONS!!!
The Fenton Police Department shared this tweet this morning

RYAN HUMMERT T SHIRTS WILL BE AVAILABLE THIS SAT (8/23) at the Ryan Hummert Inaugural Jamboree and on Friday, 8/29th at Ryan Hummert Spirit Night.  T shirts are $10, $12 for 2XL and above.  
Mark your calendar for Wednesday, September 10th with the Chili's Give Back Night in Memory of Ryan Hummert.  Please find the flyer to show at the restaurant in the document section.  Thank you for supporting our Fallen Falcon and Maplewood Firefighter, Ryan Hummert!!!
Check out your son's team page... rosters, team pics and more have been uploaded.  HS combined schedule and Jr Falcon schedule in document section.  

THANK YOU for everyone who came out to support the MOUSE RACES!  It was a FUN night and a huge SUCCESS!!! Thank you LEMP MANSION for your continued support!


Please consider purchasing a Ryan Hummert Memorial T Shirt, Thank you!  Ryan Hummert T SHirts will be available for pick up/sale on Aug 23rd at the Inaugural Ryan Hummert Jamboree from 9am - 1pm and at the Ryan Hummert Spirit Night on Aug 29th at the Varsity vs Seckman HOME game!

Falcon Football Families,

Our kids will be going back to school soon, and it's that time of the year when we all like to take advantage of the Tax-Free weekend and stock up on those back-to-school "must haves".

As part of their sponsorship of our Junior Falcon Football program, Dick's Sporting Goods has made a 20% discount "Shop Day" weekend available to customers associated with the Junior Falcons.  We have selected this weekend (August 2 and 3) to get the most out of this program (20% Discount + Tax Free!).  The link below will take you to the coupon you must present to receive the 20% discount this Saturday and Sunday (August 2 and 3).  Our Shop Day can be used at the West County and South County shopping center locations of Dick's Sporting Goods stores.  The addresses of those stores are on the coupon.

Here's the coupon for the Shop Day:

As you'll see on the coupon, the 20% discount applies to just about everything in the store.  Big exclusions are guns/ammo, Ping golf stuff, and Ugg boots.  Of course, the tax-free treatment is only on applicable items (see below), but the 20% discount can be applied to just about anything in the store (treadmills, shoes, soccer stuff, etc.)  THIS IS NOT A FOOTBALL-MERCHANDISE-ONLY OR KID'S-SCHOOL-STUFF-ONLY EVENT!

Just so you know, our contact with Dick's Sporting Goods has done some research on the tax holiday rules and participation to help us all be prepared.  First, as you'll see if you follow the link below, Des Peres City is NOT participating in the tax-free weekend.  That means you'll probably want to head to South County if you want to maximize your savings.  Here's the link Scott shared:

Scott also shared the following clarification for items that qualify for tax-free treatment.  There is a ton more info on the site linked above.

  • Clothing – any article having a taxable value of $100 or less
  • School supplies – not to exceed $50 per purchase
  • Computer software – taxable value of $350 or less
  • Personal computers – not to exceed $3,500
  • Computer peripheral devices – not to exceed $3,500

MSHSAA Guidelines for Fan/Spectator Support Items (please find this in our document section)

GREAT job Joe Cather for coordibating another SUCCESSFUL fundraising BBQ!  Thank you to all who came out to help and for those of you who came by to show your FALCON PRIDE!!!

Jusy look at what out new leader, Coach Stewart, is doing with the players, legacy, and traditions of Falcon Football.  Kudos to Coach Stewart and the Falcon Football Players!  

Good Read on  Player Safety from our Jr Falcpon Football President!


USA Football has released findings from a two-year study to advance player health and safety in organized youth tackle football. The study, which encompassed more than 4,000 players ages 5-14, documented player health ... Read more »

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Hello to all Falcon Football Families!

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