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June 9, 2014

Tony Parker


Miami Heat - 98
San Antonio Spurs - 96

Q.  After the flagrant and you go to the line, how much physically were you in pain?  Does that affect those two missed free throws?
TONY PARKER:  It definitely affected me but I'm a little bit frustrated; should have made them.

Q.  Were you happy with the offensive execution in the last four minutes of the game?
TONY PARKER:  I think we can do a little bit better, obviously.  We were up one and a great opportunity, great position to try to win the game and made a stop.  Bosh missed the three, and we just couldn't make the shot to put them away.

Q.  How much more energy will you have to have to win Game 3 in Miami?
TONY PARKER:  You know you have to win on the road to win a championship.  And tonight we played a little bit better, got 11 turnovers, and we wanted to do that.  On the road we're going to have to play even better.

Q.  How significant was the stretch in the second quarter?  You guys were up by 11, you lose that in five minutes and the common thread is the turnovers.
TONY PARKER:  I thought tonight overall we did a pretty good job with the ball.  11 turnovers, obviously we will try to do better but I think that's okay.  They're going to make runs, you know?  They are a great team and they got great shooters, and they're very capable to make two or three threes in a row and come back in a game and that's what they did.

Q.  Free?throw shooting, how disappointing is that?  It seemed like it was contagious.
TONY PARKER:  We were 12?for?20, so we will try to do better next game.

Q.  Back to the flagrant, when you missed your two you said you were frustrated, and Tim missed his two, is that a deflating moment, chance to go up six?  LeBron hits a three, you're down one now.
TONY PARKER:  I don't think we lose the game on that.  We were up one with one minute and a half to go or two minutes and we make the stops that we need.  We just couldn't make the shot to come up on top.  We had a great opportunity.

Q.  Tony, there was a lot of talk about the Heat's resiliency after they lose.  Talk about what you guys have done in similar situations especially after this game.
TONY PARKER:  They came out great, they played a great game.  Now it's our turn to go over there and try to get one.  We played pretty well all season long on the road, and so we're going to have two great opportunities to try to come up with a win.

Q.  When you guys went there for the first time this season, was it hard not to think about last year, when you go into that building?  Is it odd when you go into that building?
TONY PARKER:  Yes and no.  It's a different season.  For me personally, I'm definitely not going to think about that the next two games.  I'm going to focus on what I can do to help the team win.  Going to be big games coming up.

Q.  Did you have to have your ribs checked out afterwards?  Is there any concern?
TONY PARKER:  I'll talk with the doctor, you know.  Right now I'm just frustrated right now.

Q.  Tony, on that play you were swatted by LeBron, just happened .08 left, how big of a play was that by LeBron?
TONY PARKER:  We tried to run the play that Pop drew on timeout and didn't work out like we wanted.  Tried to penetrate and make something happen.  He made a good play.

Q.  On that same play, it looked like once you got caught in position there, you were just trying to draw contact.  Take us through your thought process.
TONY PARKER:  Just try to draw contact, get something.  But like I said, you know, he made a good play.

Q.  What were you guys trying to get to before you got stuck in that spot?
TONY PARKER:  We were trying to get it to Timmy or Manu, depends, but they switched and played pretty good defense.

Q.  With Miami having won back?to?back championships, how much is it a question of mental toughness, especially in the fourth quarter?
TONY PARKER:  We know it's going to be a long series and every game is going to be very tough and you just have to be ready to go and be strong mentally and every fourth quarter is going to be big, every possession it going to be big.  We just have to stay positive and it's going to be a long series.
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