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March 29, 2014

Steven Bowditch


DOUG MILNE:  Steven, thanks for joining us after a successful 5-under, 67 in Round 2 of the Valero Texas Open.  Only hiccup there at the last hole.  Otherwise a fabulous round and great position heading into the weekend.
STEVE BOWDITCH:  It was nice.  You know, I got off to a -- I got my round off nicely this morning.  I think I had three holes left.  So, it was nice to get out early before the wind started to get up.  I was lucky enough to hit a few good shots and get the ball rolling.
I holed out on No. 12 I think from 85 yards or so.  So that was just sort of -- you need those sort of things to get the round started or to post a good round.
DOUG MILNE:  We'll take a few questions.

Q.  Steven, you had some highs and lows today.  You had an eagle, what is that on No. 12, and then finishing up with your double bogey.  Kind of take us through your round and how it went for you today.
STEVE BOWDITCH:  Yeah.  As I said, I got off to a good start.  I actually -- I'm not putting -- I'm not making many putts at the moment so most of my birdies have been sort of coming inside of sort of six or five feet.
So, I've hit a lot of good wedge shots.  I made a couple good par saves on my backside this afternoon, the front, but all in all it's been more of hitting my approach shots pretty close and getting nicely in position.

Q.  You talk about 12 and then 9, what happened on each hole there?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  Yeah.  Basically two-putt fours added up 8 is what happened.  There was nothing really -- you're going to have some good shots and bad shots.
You know, it's a 72 hole tournament and I just did it on the 36 holes, made a double.  It's going to happen out here.  You got to keep it in between the rocks.  If you don't, you're going to have a big score.
My hole-out was -- as I said, my wedge shots have been pretty good.  I was trying to hit a it a little past the pin and hope it come back to a reasonable distance and got lucky, it went in.
DOUG MILNE:  What was your yardage on that?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  76 meters.  83 yards.

Q.  Apart from the last hole, sort of a fan of Greg's design work?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  Yeah, I do, I like it.  It's like a lot of courses back home.  Brookwater is one of my favorites.  This one is great.  It's.
Taken a little bit of time to develop and now they've got it to the point where it's a really good golf course.  Now, the runoffs a few years ago were a bit of a problem and now sort of leveled themselves out a little bit and get some rough around the greens.  It's fair.  In my opinion this is one of the best golf courses in a long, long time condition-wise.

Q.  You had a rough go of it out here about five, six years ago.  What kind of things did you do to improve yourself and get to the point where you're at right now?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  Basically just learn about myself, matured as a person and took one day at a time.

Q.  Can you describe your year so far?  Seems like it's been a little bit of a struggle.
STEVE BOWDITCH:  I wouldn't say a struggle.  I haven't been able to sort of get it rolling.  My putter has really been a big problem this year which is normally -- sort of been fighting that, but ball striking-wise has been pretty good and Fall Series, played through an injury, withdrew one time and then I think I made the first 7 or 8 cuts this year.
So, all in all, it's been good.  I haven't been able to get going on the weekend, so to speak.  Trying to get it going this weekend.

Q.  How were the greens today, a little faster than yesterday?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  A little bit, I guess.  Not much.  They're perfect.  I'm not sure what they're rolling on the stimp but they're perfect.  You hit a putt, you know whether it's in or not.  You couldn't wish for better greens.

Q.  Finally talk about what this -- if you could win here, you got a long way to go, obviously, what a win would mean to you this week.
STEVE BOWDITCH:  No idea.  I haven't really thought about it.  Just wait to see.  If it happens on Sunday, it happens.

Q.  Going hole by hole?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  That's all I can control.
DOUG MILNE:  What was the family connection, you said your wife is from here?
STEVE BOWDITCH:  We live in Dallas.  She's a Texan.
DOUG MILNE:  Texan.  That's what it is.  All right.  Steven, great playing.  We appreciate your time.

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