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Decorated Local Lifter Calls Richmond Home

January 22, 2014


RICHMOND, Ind. – People tend to think that big time athletes tend to come from the big city, but does this always need to be the case? Lifter Martin Montgomery, or Marty as many of his friends call him resides in Richmond, and is retired after working in the Richmond and Arcanum, Ohio school districts while coaching football. Back in Marty’s days of coaching football is when he got his start in weightlifting.

“I actually was at a weightlifting practice when I was still working as a football coach, and was showing some of the guys the proper technique when deadlifting.” Marty reminisced with me before his workout at Family Fitness Works Tuesday morning. “While I was doing that, I wanted to see how much I could do, and when I did finally max out a guy told me that I was actually about ten pounds away from the world record for my age and weight class for deadlifting, and I’ve been competing in the deadlift at the national level ever since.”

Marty is shorter than most, but definitely has the build of someone who owns world records at the national level. Marty has records in both the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) as well as the WABPDL (World Association of Bench Pressers and Dead Lifters). Marty’s resume is impressive, but he feels it has been limited due to his health conditions.

“Yeah, at times my heart had a real big impact on my career.” Marty lowly said about his weak heart. “I had my first heart attack back in ’86, and then had a bypass in ’96. I had two stints put in just this past year, but everything has been going as well as it could have.” 

Marty owns 12 AAU national titles in his 165 weight class in his career, and also has won seven of eleven titles in the WABPDL at the national level. With all the wins to his resume, Marty’s ultimate goal is a world record in his weight class.

“The world record is 507 for my 165 lb weight class at my age (68-74) and I think I have a chance. I have done 500 lbs in competition before, and over 500 when in the gym, but 507 is pretty elusive. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens.” 

Marty’s performances have gotten him national attention not only from those in competitions, but also from those in the supplement industry. 

I’ve had a weightlifting endorsement for the past six years from a company out in New Jersey, and have been really appreciative of it. They haven’t contacted me about renewing for this year, but I’m hopeful our deal will still remain.” 

Montgomery’s schedule has been shortened due to conflict, but he will compete in his next competition Nov 18 at the WABPDL world championships in Las Vegas. 


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