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February 8, 2013

Lee Westwood

John Westwood

Q.  68 for you, Lee.  No one knows this man better than you, give me your analysis of his game today. JOHN WESTWOOD:  Well, he played pretty well today.  You can see where he got his swing from, though, when you look at me.  Copies everything that I do. LEE WESTWOOD:  Only a little bit longer.

Q.  How big a thrill is it, now that you've played 18 holes here, to have your dad with you and play here on this iconic golf course? LEE WESTWOOD:  Well it's the biggest thrill.  We didn't play Pebble in the practice rounds because I've played it in so many U.S. Opens and things like that.  It's dad's first look at and nothing prepares you for playing holes like 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 I don't think.  First time you play them, you're looking around at the surroundings.

Q.  Some may think that this would be a distraction, having your dad, but it's obviously not.  Has it loosened you up and made you actually play a little better? JOHN WESTWOOD:  He's playing well already. LEE WESTWOOD:  It's no distraction.  We enjoy playing together and this is going to be one of the big weeks of the year for me.

Q.  Talking to you yesterday, you two as a Pro?Am team have a goal this week, can you share that and how do you think you stand after round No. 1? JOHN WESTWOOD:  Well, in the hospitality tent there's an umbrella up on top of the ceiling there, "I made the cut at Pebble Beach" and that's really what I would like to do.  But I'm going to have to play a bit better.

Q.  How about the weather? LEE WESTWOOD:  It's incredible.  It was a little chilly I must admit at a quarter past seven on the range but warmed up nicely.  These golf courses are in great condition.  The greens are nice and it's a lot dryer than it was the last time I played it. So you know, it's always a pleasure to play Pebble Beach, but in these conditions, it's extra special.

Q.  The shot you hit into 11, I can't believe it stopped an inch above the hole there. LEE WESTWOOD:  No, I mean, you can't normally stop a putt coming down that hill.  So to stop a sand iron when it's spinning back and running down towards the hole; but it's always nice to be able to walk up, take the flag out and tap in.  Those are the kind of birdies you like.

Q.  Playing with your dad out there, how was it? LEE WESTWOOD:  It was great.  I had a great time.  I could see hes with a enjoying it and he was hitting some nice shots as well and there's the whole idea of the week, to walk the fairways together and for him to enjoy it and relax and play some nice golf.

Q.  I understand you introduced him to the game of golf, he actually started playing when you did. LEE WESTWOOD:  We sort of both introduced each other together.  The first day we both set foot on a golf course was together, the day we both made pars was together.  Yeah, it's been a long journey to this point but it's nice to get here and be able to share it.

Q.  You've made the move with your family to the United States; are you excited to this year and how has your preparation gone? LEE WESTWOOD:  Yeah, I'm really excited.  Feels different playing this TOUR this year living here.  Before I always felt like a European Tour Member; even though I was a member of the PGA TOUR, I felt like a European Tour Member coming over here, not really getting involved in playing enough events, playing sort of 14. This year I'm going to play 20, 21, 22, and I'm really looking forward to this year.  My game is in good shape and there's a lot of weeks that I have not been to in the last few years that I'm looking forward to going back to again, weeks like this, Arnold Palmer's tournament, Bay Hill, the Memorial are all on the schedule.  So it's going to be an exciting year and hopefully a big year.

Q.  Talk about the round today and being able to play with your dad. LEE WESTWOOD:  Well, I played nicely.  I had a lot of birdie chances.  The golf course is in great condition and there to give up a good score.  I had a lot of ten?, 15?footers for birdie.  Only made one mistake on 8, long. But it was nice doing it all with Dad and being able to walk the fairways.  You sort of tick off bucket list courses and Pebble Beach would definitely be one of them; to actually play in a competition in the AT&T with your dad and tick that one off is something really special.

Q.  Did you not play, or are you not a regular at the Dunhill? JOHN WESTWOOD:  I am a regular at the Dunhill.  I've played the last few years, I've played with Johan Rupert and I've played with Chubby.  I've played with Samuel L. Jackson there.  I've played with Boris Becker.

Q.  How do you compare the two?  I know you've only had one round here? JOHN WESTWOOD:  Quite similar, and then different in a way.  You've got a different crowd.  This is a little bit closer together.  Logistically it's easier to get around.  You don't have to drive around to Carnoustie, 45 minutes.  And possibly slightly, slightly warmer here, but not a lot.

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