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February 6, 2013

COACH MEYER:  You know I'm in.  I didn't know you were in.  Congratulations, and we hit three out of three.  So very pleased.  Our first year together as a coaching staff last year did not count because that was not a coaching staff.  That was a bunch of guys coming together like a bunch of gypsies trying to find players anywhere we could find them.  We did pretty good. You look at those kids who helped us play this year, and the futures of last year's class is pretty strong.  But I wouldn't consider that a great recruiting effort.  That was, like I said, a bunch of cowboys out there trying to find players. This year it was a full cycle of recruiting.  And very impressed with our coaching staff.  I'm going to name a couple of them.  Not to devalue some of the other efforts, but some of the efforts were?? I've seen some really good efforts.  Everett Withers from start to finish, his effort on Vonn Bell, as good as I've ever seen.  The octopus approach, surround him, wrap your tentacles around him, and every person in his family, his coach, the people, support group, and the way he closed that, the way we finished that with that young man, and the way we handled it on campus, and you just saw when you saw his press conference, I was so proud the way he handled himself and the fact that we did it the right way from start to finish. And that's all about a relationship to go pull the guy out of that area of the country and have him be a Buckeye. Tom Herman did an excellent job down in Texas, an area that traditionally has not been strong for Ohio State.  I wish I could claim I had more experience in Texas.  I've been there quite a bit. But Tom set the wheels in motion, and we pulled three excellent players out of an excellent football state with Mike Mitchell, J.T., and Dontre. And then the effort of Tim Hinton in state, I think Jalin Marshall is a young man that if he was a guy that wanted to play the game and wait till signing day to put the eight hats out there, he could have whatever many amounts of hats he wanted.  He made a decision because he loves Ohio State, wants his family to watch him play, and I think he's one?? I don't think?? everybody knows he's one of the finest players in the country.  And he's even an a better person. So those are a couple of examples of?? I think Luke Fickell did a great job with the two backers we got.  We got Mike Mitchell and Trey Johnson, because a lot of crazy stuff was going on with Trey Johnson with people trying to pull him in certain directions. So you're going to hear stories about it's a feeding frenzy out there.  It is.  And sometimes you'll hear people say take a?? say, okay, Ohio State, or myself or someone, say you offer committed players. Let me make this real clear:  Everybody does that.  And it's not wrong.  Okay.  At the end of the day the young person has the right to go to any school he likes.  If one school is better than the other, fits his personality, if something is going on illegally, that's a whole different animal. But at the end of the day the 17? or 18?year?old man has a right to go to any school he wants.  So when some school comes after Trey Johnson full speed ahead, I might get like worried, but you can't get upset, because if it's a better situation for him than Ohio State, whose choice is it?  The media?  No, it's not your choice.  It's not the coach's choice.  It's the 18?year?old's choice and his family's to go to whatever school he wants. Our coaches did a really good job, especially in the Trey Johnson situation, hanging on with both hands and, once again, surrounding himself. Pleased with the coaching staff.  And now we go from recruiting phase to preparation phase, and we've got to get them ready to play because really we don't redshirt here at Ohio State.  We're going to recruit guys and get them on the field as fast as we can when they're ready and push them to be ready. And that's the same thing we do when we tell them when they come visit our campus, we're not recruiting you to sit for a year or two and we'll try to get you ready.  We want to go recruit guys who are ready to jump in the fire and want to go play as soon as they can. So appreciate you being here.  You can tell it's a great day.  If you walk around here a little bit, guys are excited. And I think on defense I'm just going to real fast get asked the question:  What were your needs on defense?  Really all positions.  To say we needed back end help, no, we need it all the way across.  We're a little bit light on defense, and I think we answered a lot of our concerns once we develop them. On defense you can see the back end.  The secondary players are all long players, which means good size to them.  Obviously good speed.  Backers.  We have two impact players we're projecting, and then the defensive line we've got good guys and defensive ends, too.  Hit a couple good, solid?? some great players on the defense line we're hoping. On offense, the one area that we didn't close well enough is the offensive line.  We wanted to get some playmakers, and we have two sub 10 500?meter players coming in, which is real fast.  10 500 meters is a benchmark we'll use from here on out.  You have to have a couple of guys like that on your team. Big plays are a problem for us.  And we have I think Dontre and Jalin and James Clark, so we have actually three guys that we would put in that category. So with that said, questions?

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