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Special Guest Instructor for Hyper Clinic Announced

October 25, 2012
By Janeen Welsh of EHT BMX

From Roger Ladd, Hyper-Body Armor Team Manager:
Okay, it is safe to roll this information out now. The riders clinic at the Veterans Day race will have a couple special guests. Jerry Bradford is the team manager of the Factory Hyper team and is an Olympic trainer at Chula Vista! He will be helping out with the clinic. Also, his son and AA-pro Factory GT rider Joey Bradford will also be in attendance to help out. Plus Jud, John Paul and Luke from Hyper...

Is there a catch? Yes. Weather. If the weather looks sketchy the Bradfords are not flying from California to attend Louisville Day 3... You know what I mean if you were there... The quality of the clinic is outstanding and the clinic is only $20! There isn't a rider on the track who can't find benefit from this clinic! And even if the Bradford's miss the event, Jud Ciancio is an 8 time national champion himself ... If you pre-register the clinic is $15!! But those are due now... Get your forms in and cash in on this offer! This clinic is a no brainer!!

And I'm anxious to see Joey Bradford tear up the competition in the pro-am! Btw, the pro-am could use a sponsor! This race has some serious draw, and tons of teams are coming down for the $1000 team challenge! Not to mention the killer old school swap meet! Plus a toy drive for charity... It's got it all!!!

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