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About DocTalk With Dr. Dan Thomson


Itchy dog?  Calf with a cough?  Lame horse?  DocTalk with Dr. Dan Thomson will be making house calls on the RFD Network every Monday at 3:30PM CST starting April 30th with a second chance to watch at 1:30AM. 


Each week Dr. Thomson and his guests will be discussing important issues related to livestock welfare and management, including current animal ag research information, ways to keep the food supply safe and companion animal health issues.  His guests will include nationally and internationally renowned veterinarians who conduct clinical research to offer practical applications to improve the health and well-being of all kinds of animals.  The show also features prominent veterinarians around the world that work day to day with food and companion animal issues.  DocTalk will offer viewers a wide variety of topics pertaining to animal agriculture and companion animal medicine.  Here is a list of topics for the first 10 programs: 

  • Trichomoniasis in Cattle
  • First Aid for Horses
  • Choosing a Companion Animal
  • Food Safety Issues, including E-Coli 157, in Beef Cattle
  • Carbon Foot Printing - Misconceptions Relating to the Beef Industry
  • How Dairy Producers keep our milk supply safe
  • The Truth about the Safety and Profitability of Steroid Implants in Cattle
  • Breeding Soundness Exams for Bulls
  • Johne’s Disease Management
  • Equine Dentistry.


Dr. Dan Thomson is a third-generation veterinarian who was raised in Clearfield, Iowa and is recognized internationally as a leader in beef cattle production and health management.  He delivers many lectures around the globe on topics surrounding the contemporary issues in veterinary medicine and animal agriculture.  He completed his MS in Ruminant Nutrition from South Dakota State University and a PhD in Ruminant Nutrition from Texas Tech University and received his BS in Animal Science and DVM from Iowa State University.   Dr. Thomson is the Jones Professor of Production Medicine and Epidemiology and the Director of the Beef Cattle Institute at Kansas State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine.  He served as the OIE Chair and member of the Beef Cattle Production and Welfare committee.  Dr. Thomson also teaches cow/calf, stocker and feed yard production medicine, welfare and nutrition at K-State. 


As host of DocTalk, Dr. Thompson brings his passion for veterinary medicine, his knowledge of the beef cattle industry and his down-to-earth sense of humor to a national audience on the RFD Network.   


The producers of DocTalk with Dr. Dan Thomson are proud to announce the launch of this spinoff from

Ag am in Kansas, which is in its third year as the first and only locally produced daily half-hour

Ag Show airing across Kansas. 


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