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Jordyn Marshal

December 7, 2012
Daleville High School


                       Q and A with Jordyn Marshall by Autumn Stevens

Q-How long have you played basketball?

A-Well I started at the YMCA when I was 5, so about 13 years or so.

Q-Have you always been a post player?

A-I’ve always been a post player because I grew fast when I was young, so I was always one of the taller kids, and I could never dribble the ball well.

Q-Do you enjoy being a post player, or would you rather be a guard?

A-I like the idea of being a guard, but I know I am better as a post player. Since I’ve always played post, I’m more comfortable with it. I like being quicker than most posts, so I think I would rather stick with being a post than a guard.

Q-How long have you played at Daleville and how many other schools have you played for?

A-I’ve played three years of varsity for Daleville and one year junior varsity for

Frankton--if you count before high school, then since sixth grade at Frankton until I


Q-What is your favorite play to run?

A-My favorite play would have to be “Quick” because I like making the stealthy pass.

Q-Other than basketball what other sports would you like to try?

A-Maybe the football equivalent for girls. It’d be neat to just go out and tackle somebody.

Q-Other than play basketball, what do you like to do?

A-I like to basically just stay active and spend some time drawing with a little dabbling in the Japanese language.

Q-After high school do you plan to go to college? Where? And would you maybe try college ball?

A-I do plan to go to college, and I’m aiming for Purdue, but I think my days of playing

ball will be over after high school. I want to focus on my studies in college.

Q-How do you think the season has gone thus far?

A- I think the season started off really well up until the Wapahani game. After that we kind of lost our momentum. But if we can get that fire going again, I don’t think we’ll have a problem with the rest of the season. I plan to go out with a bang.

Q- If you had to describe the team how would you do so?

A-I would describe the team as hardworking with a lot of potential but tending to have moments where focus is lax.

Q- How about as a group the personality of the team?

A- There is no one who is just out to get you, and someone is always telling some kind of joke to keeping spirits high and the mood light. That’s not to say that we don’t buckle down and get serious when the situation calls for it. The team is just fun to be around.

Q- Although your high school career isn’t over, which year has been your favorite?

A- I would have to say it’s a tie between my sophomore year because the seniors were awesome people and this year because of how good we are and it’s pretty fun being a senior on the team.

Q- What do you think the highlight of your high school career has been?

A- Well, one game I was able to shoot the game winning shot, and that was kind of cool, but I also think that being able to score 18 points on Randolph Southern last year was pretty neat too.

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