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Rosie Weber and the Volleybroncs

October 9, 2012
Daleville High School

Hannah Huff

Varsity Volleyball Team

5 October 2012


Rosie Weber: Varsity Volleyball Setter


            The Volleybroncs have had a tremendous change this year. Making notable changes in skill, drive, teamwork, and talent, the team has something that previous teams have not had here at Daleville Jr./Sr. High School.  “We got off to a rocky start,” states the varsity team setter, Rosie Weber, “but then we won nine games in a row. I guess you could say we have even had a rocky season here and there, but we are now beyond the tough losses, ready to win this season out!”


            There’s no doubt that the team has talent, with the tough serves, capability of putting the ball down, proceeding with blocking and passing. “We are getting better every day,” Rosie says. “We have it; we just sometimes don’t DO it. We aren’t necessarily ‘weak’ at truly anything. We have things that we are good at but could be even better at, like stronger blocks and putting a block up on every hitter. We could also be even better at hitting, finding places with weak passers, and placing the ball there.”


            With the end of the season approaching, Rosie believes the outlook is bright. “Honestly, the rest of the season should be win after win if we keep our confidence up, keep our mouths open, and our enthusiasm up throughout a whole match whether it’s 3 or 5 sets. If we do this, we can be the first Daleville volleyball team to win a sectional since 1999. With everyone on her game at the same time, we are truly unstoppable, whether we always show it or not. We should be able to play competitively against any team, even tough teams like Wapahani and Yorktown. We should give them something to work for.”


            The Volleybroncs have a winning record of 15-12. Be sure to find the home game posters located around the school for game time and information. Help support your Volleybroncs!

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