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KG's Korner Long Island Lutheran HS 2015 PG Laruen L-Boogie Brozoski -SUPERFLY

November 29, 2011
By Kristopher Gordon of D1Spects Nation




Atlanta, GA— The Big Apple verses the Big Peach showcase brought out the talent on the boys side; However talented point guard Lauren Brozoski stole the show.  The 5’5 freshman from Long Island, New York came down to Atlanta with a serious game behind her. 

When the show was over, jaws were still dropped at what we witnessed a freshman do.  Scoring, assists, rebounding, and blocking shots- Brozoski unleashed her guns all over the court.  She told D1Spects, “I just play basketball.”

What makes Brozoski stand out from the rest is her cool savvy.  She understands her job as a point guard is to make the team better, and she does this while imitatiing Phoenix Mercury's Diana Taurasi.  Brozoski stated, “We’re just alike.  I feel like she is tough and strong with the ball and goes after it.  And I feel like if I go after it, I can help my team get better and myself as well.”

                Brozoski or “L-Boogie” is the pure definition of a “D1Spect.”  She has the athleticism, attributes, passion, and high basketball IQ to play for any division one university, and the colleges are calling from all over.  Colleges such as Hofstra, Northwestern, and Northeastern have already offered the young hoop-star a scholarship, but Brozoski is still undecided.  She told D1Spects, “I have a lot of letters, but I want to go to a college that offers a field of study in Sports Medicine, and I don’t want to sit on the bench.  I want to play.”

                With the early success comes the responsibilities that goes along with it, and Brozoski is fully aware.  She understands that in the lime-light, she is going to be looked at as an role-model to younger kids.  Brozoski told D1Spects, “A role model is someone that someone else can look up to.”  When asked if kids can look up to her Brozoski simply stated, “Yes definitely.”




Lauren Brozoski is a true point guard who is wise beyond her years.  A gifted athlete, Brozoski only made a freshman mistakes that will surely go away with more experience.   Brozoski has a tremendous work ethic, and while you are reading this article she is in the gym working on her craft.  No hidden talents or hobbies Brozoski is a true baller as she just stated, “I just play basketball.” 

Brozoski knows what she wants out the game, and has the desire to get there.  She later told D1Spects, “I want to go all the way with basketball, WNBA or overseas where ever the game takes me.”


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