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1st Annual Atlanta Pigskin Classic -Tournament Information and Schedule

December 5, 2011
By Kristopher Gordon of D1Spects Nation






















S. Cobb High School -  1920 Clay  Road , Austell , GA 30106

Osborne High School -  2451 Favor Road , SW , Marietta , GA 30060

Pebblebrook High School -  991  Old Alabama Road , Mableton, GA 30126

McEachern Youth Football Park-  3820 Macedonia Rd, Powder Springs , GA 30127

Shorty Howell Park -  2750 Pleasant Hill Road NW , Duluth , GA 30096

Cemetery Park - 211 Cemetary Street . Norcross , GA 30071 

 ***  To enter Cemetery Park  turn right Mitchell Street from Buford HWY




Daily admission is $8.00 for Adults,  Students under 12 $5.00  , Childern under    6 Free



Each team must register prior to first game .  Coaches and players will be issued tournament passes. Coaches must have league identification to qualify for pass. Each team is allowed passes for five coaches only . No exceptions.  If coach is not listed on roster form they will not receive a pass.


Birth certificates  and players will be verified against the roster you turn in.  No player can be

added after the team is registered.  Players will receive bands at registration. 


Common Playing Rules

Note: Atlanta Pigskin Classic will play under NCAA rules and National Federation of High School  football rules.

Note: In the six through the nine year old divisions you can have no player stand over the center what so ever, player can be in a three point or four point stance, but not stand in the gap. Please call tournament director if you do not understand this rule.

Note: Only one coach on the field with 6u.  Only five coaches on the side line at any one time.

Note: All teams and coaches need to report to field reps and game officials to register there teams prior to playing there first games , must be 60 minutes before their perspective game times.  Team listed first on the schedule is the Home team and must were Dark uniform. Home team is responsible for the chain crew. Team listed second is the visitor and must were white or light color uniform.  If the team only has one uniform, must notify the tournament director prior to schedule being made.

1. All games will consist of four (4) equal right (8) minute quarters each.

2. Extra points are awarded as follow: 2 points for kicks and 1 point for a pass or a run.

3. 6U and 7U only one coach can be on the field. That coach is restricted from interfering in any manner of play. If officials determine that a coach interferes, that coach will be ejected from the field of play for the duration of that game and his team forfeit's the right to have a coach on the field for the remainder of the game. Starting at age 6u -8u, coaches can elected to have live kick offs.  Ages  9u and  above will have live kick offs and punts.

4. Radio headsets will be allowed on the field by coaches.

5. A running clock will be utilized in any game in which any team is behind by 25 points. The clock will not be stopped until the point difference becomes less than 25 points.

6. There will be no smoking, chewing tobacco, or alcohol use on the sidelines before, during, or after the games. Officials will assets an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for any violation and the person will be ejected from the playing field.

7. Anyone found to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be ejected from the tournament and will not be allowed at any field.

8. If any player, coach, or spectator is ejected by a referee, field representative, or security personnel, the ejection will be for the remainder of that game add continue through the next game.

9.  Each team must have a game ball to use during respective offensive possessions.

10. Attempts to use ineligible players or gross team un-sportsmanship will not be tolerated. A board of officials will be convened to handle such matters to include ejection of the offending team for the tournament Head coaches are responsible for the actions of their staff, players and fans.

11. All tied games will be decided by National Federation High School rules.

12. Any topics not discussed are covered by the National Federation School Association and Rules.

13. The Atlanta Pigskin Classic Staff must have access to the "team book" for each teams respective league at least on notarized liability contract, a valid birth certificate from either the States Division of Vital Statistics or a Birth Certificate from the Federal Government or Military and a current photograph taken within the last 6 months of the player attached to the contract before the may participate, Records of Birth from a hospital will not be accepted as appropriate identification.

14. Players may only participate in one age and weight division. Once registered for a particular division, no switching or changing will be allowed.

15. Player of any weight may kick on extra points but not advance the ball if play gets muffed.

16.  Age Determing date:  September 1, 2011 .  If player is on league roster form and has played with the exisiting team


  • ZERO TOLERANCE: It is the coaches responsibility that all players, coaches, and parents behave in an orderly manner.  Any intolerable actions will result in immediate suspension or disqualifcation from the event.
  • Uniforms: All teams should have either reversible jerseys (with two different colors) or two sets of jerseys (light and dark) with numbers on front (2") and back of jerseys (6"), no exception   Team listed first -Visitor –Light Color or white . Team listed second is home team – Dark Uniforms .  Home team is responsible for the chain crew.
  • Coach's Attire: All coaches and assistants will wear long pants or dress shorts, shirts with collars, and dress or basketball/tennis shoes. Casual and/or "cut off" shorts, warm-up suits, t-shirts, and open-toed shoes are not permitted. Tournament Director or Site Director has the authority to NOT allow any coaching staff on the bench if not in proper attire.

These rules will be strictly enforced!!
  • Bench Rules: Only eligible players plus a maximum of three coaches (this includes statistician, ball boys, and other staff) may be on the team's bench. Violation of this rule will result in one warning. The team will then have 1 minute to clear the bench of anyone not listed on the official roster. If a team fails to comply, the violator(s) will be ejected.
  • Protests: Any protest must be communicated immediately to the site Director. Protests must be submitted in writing and be accompanied by a $100 fee. A committee will consider all protests as soon as possible. Protests pertaining to an official's judgment will not be considered.
  • Contacts: Each field will have a site director who will answer all questions. The tournament director will be the final decision maker on all tournament issues and Pool Qualifiers.


  • Tournament Director    Harold Thompson  404-454-2919
  • Assistant Tournament Director    Rundy Tatum   404-808-3136
  • Assistant Tournament Director  -  Tavares Turner  404-642-3066
  • Event Coordinator – Peggy Jean


Tournament Format

 Pool Play:


  • Each bracket will consist of two or three pools consisting of three to four teams each. Each team is guaranteed three games. When there is a bracket with three pools, the pool winners will advance to the semi finals. An "at large" team will be selected based on the non-pool winner team with the overall best record.

  Tie Breaker / At Large Selection


  • Ties for pool winners and "at large teams will be based first on head to head then point differential. Points are determined by the margin of victory of each of the three games with a maximum of +- 15 points. If total points differential for both teams are still a tie, you add up total defensive points (total points given up in the three games) the team given up the fewest wins the tiebreaker. If there is still a tie after both of these tests, then a coin toss will determine the winner.




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