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4th Annual D1spects Atlanta Invitational Tournament (AIT)

April 3, 2012
D1Spects Nation





Tournament  Info:

Click Here to Register -  Only $200

Call  404-454-2919 for Multi Team Discounts




THERRELL HIGH SCHOOL (THS) - 3099 Panthers Trail , Atlanta, GA 30311

BEST ACADEMY  (BA Main) - 1890 Donald Lee Howell , Atlanta , GA 30318

DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL - 225 Hamilton E Holmes , Atlanta, GA 30311

MAYS HIGH SCHOOL - 3450 Benjamin E Mays , Atlanta , GA 30331


Tournament Director:


Therrell High School  -    Lance Storrs  - 404-401-0853

Best Academy -  Harold Thompson 404-454-2919

Tavares Turner - 404-642-3066


Email: d1spects@yahoo.com .  Please direct any concerns or schedule issues to our director.


Must register 1 hour prior to your first game . We will supply you with a roster form online along with the schedule.  All teams will need to have available a birth certificates  and report cards. , if you do not have a roster form we will supply one for you.


D1spects Roster Form - Click Here



Friday  $5.00 Adults   Students under 12  -  $3.00   -    Saturday and  Sunday   Adults $8.00   - Students under 12 $5.00 ,  Children under 6 free

Weekend pass - $17.00  only available on Friday night

Coaches will be given Three wrist bands at registration .   Coaches names must be on the approved  roster.



8th– HS   -  8 minute quarters   - Clock stops  ,  One and One on 7 fouls , 5 time outs per game

6th -7th  -  7  minute quarters - Clock stops  ,  One and One on 7 fouls , 5 time outs per game

Elementary (1st- 5th)  -  6 minute quarters   - Clock stops, 1 and 1 on 7 fouls , 5 time outs

Georgia High School rules are in affect

All Divisions
• Teams must provide their own warm up balls
• Home team wears light colored uniforms (top of bracket)
• Visitor team wears dark colored uniforms
• Home team sits to the left of scorers table
• Visitor teams sits to the right of scorers table
• Each team will warm up on the end opposite its bench
• Thirty (30) point second half mercy rule
• Two man referee crews
• Players foul out of the game on their 5th foul
• No 1 and 1 foul shots, two (2) foul shots on the 7th foul of each half
• Two (2) timeouts per half-timeouts do not carry over
Overtime Rules - All Divisions
• Two (2) minute running clock
• Clock stops only on shooting fouls and timeouts
• One (1) timeout in overtime-timeouts do not carry over into overtime

All Divisions 1) If two teams are tied, the tiebreaker is decided by head-to- head competition. 2) If more than two teams are tied, the tiebreaker is decided by the point differentials of only the teams involved (15 point cap per game). The highest number receives the higher seed and the second highest will receive the next lower seed, ect. 3) If more than two are tied after using the above tiebreaker formula, the point differential of the teams not involved in the tie are added and recalculated (15 point cap per game).

Divisions  6th, 7th, 8th

• Player/Team Disqualification - All Non-athletes/coaches are responsible to see that their team meets all eligibility requirements. If a player is found to be ineligible prior to the start of competition, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will continue. If a player is found to be ineligible after the competition has started, the player will be expelled from the competition and the team will forfeit all games in which the ineligible player was listed on the official score sheet. The team may continue to participate, if applicable, without the expelled player.

.• Age Determining Date -  This is a grade based event . September 1, 2012 - shall be the determining date for the age of the competitor for all teams participating in the tournament. Eligibility to participate is based first on the age determining date. The grade of the athlete is not a consideration if the athlete meets the age determining date. An athlete who does not meet the age determining date may qualify under the grade exception rule. In the 9U/3rd Grade through the 14U/8th Grade division, each team is allowed a maximum of four grade exception athletes.

• Grade Confirmation - Players participating under the grade eligibility exception must present a birth certificate and confirmation of grade level from the School report card. NOTE: Grade level is determined by player’s grade on March 1, 2012. ***All coaches are responsible for having birth certificates and proper confirmation of grade level for all players. Any special considerations must be presented prior to the start of competition and the rules committee will review any decisions.***





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