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Don't Get Caught Texting and Learning

September 12, 2011
Harvard High School

by Evan Grieshop -


Over the past year or two, Harvard High school has been full of different controversies. From clothes to cell phones, we have argued about it all.  This year Harvard High school has changed one rule for the students'  benefit.

Students may have noticed that all HHS classrooms have a red and green flip card. This card lets students know when a cell phone or mp3 player may be used in the classroom, and when it is prohibited.

“I don’t think the card is absolutely necessary," said woods teacher Mr. Paul Meyer. " However, I feel that it will act as a nice reminder to the students."  “In my classroom the card will always be red." Mr. Meyer said his students will be allowed  to use their phone as a calculator or to listen to music., as long as they don’t abuse it.

Many students like me are or were under the impression that you may send texts when the card is flipped to green. However, this is not the case. According to Mrs. Mann,  the cell phone policy at Harvard High has not changed from last year. The main purpose of the red and green card is to promote the usage of this technology for academic purposes only. Mrs. Mann as well as other faculty members hope that one day cell phones may be used in actual lesson plans during class.

So if students can’t send text messages or receive calls what else is a phone really good for? Should students who have a smart phone be allowed to surf the web and use Facebook? How would the teacher stop them in the process? Assistant principal Mr. John Hollingsworth said cell phone use really depends on the particular teacher. "It’s the teacher’s decision to let students use their phone in the first place,  so they can decide on what you can and can’t do with the cell phone," Mr. Hollingsworth said.  He explained that all the bugs haven’t been worked out yet. A meeting on the subject has been scheduled for sometime this week.

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