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Stunned Student Wins Car Through Operation Click

May 13, 2011
Harvard High School

Last Thursday was definitely a day sophomore Andrea Heck will never forget. When Andrea turned the key in a new car in a Crystal Lake parking lot, and the engine started, a stunned 16-year-old was the winner of a new car.

Heck was one of two Harvard High students to be in a drawing to win a new car through Operation Click's program encouraging teens to buckle up while driving. Little did she know that she would come home with a brand new Kia Rio sedan. A small group of students left the school April 29 after first block to attend the Operation Click banquet that began casually with lunch and a few awards. After a delicious lunch with good friends everyone filed outside to see who would win big.

There were six students' altogether, two from Marian Central, Harvard, and Woodstock. The students lined up next to the brand new 2009 Kia Rio. They were lined up in order from the high school that had the highest percentage to the lowest percentage. Harvard was placed second in line. Each student blindly picked a key and attempted to start the car when it was his or her turn. With three students down and three to go, it seemed there was a decent chance for Andrea to win. Fourth in line, she stepped up to the bucket of keys and chose one. Andrea sat down in the driver's seat, placed the key in the ignition and turned. With a movie like "vroom," the engine turned over and started. A cheer rose from the crowd and Andrea burst into tears of disbelief and joy.

"I just couldn't believe it," said a stunned Heck. .

Harvard High School is part of the Operation Click McHenry chapter, along with Marian Central, Woodstock, Woodstock North, and Alden-Hebron. Schools that achieved a seatbelt check percentage rate of 92 or higher were allowed to send two students to the banquet. The students had signed a contract pledging to wear their seatbelts at the beginning of the year. Sophomore Nicole Natchwey was also in the drawing.

After all the photos, interviews, and congratulations at the car dealership, Andrea returned to Harvard High with a celebrity like welcoming. She ended her day with a normal fourth block class and spent the evening with her boyfriend, a great way to end a fantastic day.

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