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About Cooking Outdoors with Johnny Nix

There’s just something about a campfire that invites you in and Johnny Nix does exactly that on his new show Cookin’ Outdoors.  Each week the folksy Alabama native delights everyone with his southern charm and culinary skills guiding viewers through the process for cooking everything from peach cobbler to bacon-wrapped stuffed turkey breast - all over the fire.

Nix has been perfecting his open fire cooking techniques for over 25 years, which began when he and his wife Wanda started camping and trail riding with their horses.  Never a stranger passed the camp while Johnny was cooking that didn’t get asked “Y’all Eat Yet?” followed with an invitation to come on in and have a bite.

As host of the popular TV show Campfire Cafe for over 4 years Nix had the opportunity to cook with some great chefs.  “One of the highlights of my career was having the privilege to cook over the open fire with the Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr.” Nix continues, “We also cooked for Chef Art Smith’s family reunion in Florida and were featured in his award winning cookbook Back to the Family.”

Nix also recalls the series filmed with several different country music artists including the legendary Ray Price, Aaron Tippin, and Jett Williams at the Hank Williams estate while hosting Campfire Cafe.  “It was the beginning of a great friendship with Jett and her husband Keith that Wanda and I now cherish,” says Nix.

In his new show Nix wants to show viewers how easy it is to cook over the open fire.  He says, “It may be a lost art but it ain’t rocket science.”  He continues saying “I want people to have a good experience when they’re cooking- cause cookin’ should be fun.”

Johnny’s goal is to encourage everyone to get outdoors, slow down and reconnect with nature, friends and family.  Cooking over the fire isn’t quick, but that’s the point.  It slows life down enough to remind you of what’s important.  Cookin’ Outdoors with Johnny Nix offers a taste of the great outdoors and gives new meaning to the term smell-a-vision.  Y’all Eat Yet?

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