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Contest of Champions Rules

October 25, 2010
By of Contest of Champions

Jacksonville State University

Contest of Champions

October 30, 2010

Official Rules

1. The field will be the size and shape of a regulation football field with five and
ten-yard lines, college hash marks, and sidelines clearly marked. We will also
put tape down to indicate high school hashes on the day of the competition.
There is no track around the football field and the turf is artificial.

2. Bands will be classified according to the total number of winds players. Bands
may enter a higher classification, but not lower.
Class A.................up to 40 Winds
Class AA.............. 41 - 59 Winds
Class AAA............ 60 - 79 Winds
Class AAAA......... 80 - 100 Winds
Class Open.......... 101 +

3. Bands are scheduled at 15 minute intervals. Actual performance time should
be within a six-minute minimum and a twelve-minute maximum. Timing starts
with the first note of music and/or movement of any playing member after the
band has been given the field for competition.

4. Order of performance within each class is determined by application
postmark. Earliest postmark performs last in class.

5. The “Contest of Champions” uses the new GMEA adjudication forms for
certified caption judged contests:

2 Music Judges
2 Visual Judges
2 Effect Judges

6. There will be one judge for each auxiliary unit (drum major, drum line, color
guard, dance team/majorettes).

7. Point Spread for the “Contest of Champions”:

Superior 85 – 100
Excellent 70-84.99
Good 55-69.99
Fair 40-54.99
Poor Below 40

8. The bands for finals will be determined by the highest scoring band from each
of the 5 classes and the next 7 highest scores. There will be a total of 12 bands
in finals.

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