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Program Philosophy


Program Information


(All varsity games will be streamed live on this site when wi-fi is available)




Fundamentals Coordinator:  Steve Karel

Assistant:  Tami Adams

JV:  Cody Lathrop



PRIOR TO TRY-OUTS: All new basketball players (9th graders and transfers) must go on to SportsWareOnLine and complete the info immediately.  The directions are all on the CA website under Current Students; Forms, Handbooks, Schedules; and it is the last item under Athletics.


All basketball players who are not involved in football or varsity volleyball must go to Trainer Joel Kaden’s office to take a Concussion Baseline test starting after MEA break.  No appointment is needed.  The test takes 10 minutes.  Players who are new and are not in SWOL yet, cannot take the test until it is completed.



  • Grade 9-10:  Monday, Nov. 18   3:00-5:00 p.m. (Main Gym)
  • Grades 11-12:  Monday, Nov. 18   5:00-7:00 p.m. (Main Gym)


  • Monday, Dec. 2 (Dark Uniforms)


  • Friday, Jan. 24 vs. Breck


  • Friday, Feb. 7 vs. St. Agnes


  • March 18-22, 2014


  • Sun. March 23, 2014 5:00pm at DeGidio’s (Dinner served at 5:30, cost $16.95/person)









Members of the CA Girls’ Basketball Program will value perseverance, integrity and a strong work ethic in order to promote improvement in both individual and team skills, so that a cohesive team with unity of purpose is established.




Team/Individual Development

Work Ethic



We are very proud of our program here at CA and are also pleased that so many players want to be associated with our teams.  However, to maintain the level of success that we expect, squad selection is a necessity.  Players will not be able to participate until they receive a try-out pass, complete the information on SportsWareOnLine, AND turn in a signed copy of the Program Expectation Contract.


There are many factors that enter into the selection of members for our teams.  This process is the toughest part of coaching.  As coaches we try very hard to be fair in our judgments, as we fully realize the athlete’s desire to be a member of our teams and the disappointments associated with not making the squad they aspire to.


It is impossible to make a purely objective evaluation based entirely on the mastery of basketball skills, or any other criteria.  Too may other things have to be considered in order to build a successful program.  Consequently, subjective evaluations are basically opinions and are open to many arguments both for and against these evaluations.  Please keep in mind that the coaches have been hired as professionals to make these types of decisions.  Also realize that the coaches want to make the teams and the program the best they can possibly be and will not exclude players they believe will accomplish this in the end!





Coaches will consider:

A.   Talent/Physical Abilities/Mastery of Fundamentals

a.     How well has she mastered the offensive skills of shooting, passing, dribbling and screening?

b.     How strong is she and does she like to rebound?

c.     How quick are her feet and her reaction time?

d.     Does she have the ability to think and react quickly?

e.     Does she like to play defense?

f.      Is she a leader?

B.    Effort/Willingness to Work

a.     Must not be afraid of hard work, both in season and out of season

C.    Willingness to Listen, Learn, and the ability to Apply what is learned

a.     Can she be coached or does she seem to know it all?

D.   Self Discipline

a.     Is she on time?

b.     Can she work hard on her own without having someone looking over her shoulder to push her?

c.     Does she behave appropriately on the court?  At games?  In class?  At lunch? Etc…

E.    Conduct

a.     What behavior does she display towards the school, administration, teachers and other students?

b.     What is her attendance record, past and present?  Tardies?  Detentions?

c.     What kind of grades does she have, past and present?  Will she remain eligible?

F.    Attitude

a.     What will her attitude be if she is not likely to be a starter?

b.     Is she a team player?

c.     Will she be willing to accept any role in order to benefit the team?

d.     Does she have the desire to be the best that she can possibly be?

As always, we appreciate and value each student as an individual, but will base all decisions on what is best for the TEAM.



The Concordia Academy Girls’ Basketball Program will promote and foster growth in our student athletes as both players and people.  We will learn:

  • How to use gifts and abilities to glorify God
  • How to handle success AND failure
  • How to work as a team toward a common goal
  • How to put team success above personal success
  • Basketball skills and strategies
  • How to consistently execute skills and fundamentals


  • Equal playing time throughout the course of the season
  • Emphasis on fundamental skills
  • Learn offensive and defensive schemes of varsity
  • Abide by all school policies, including those that relate to alcohol/chemical use
  • Be prepared to practice or play Monday-Saturday

JV Team:

  • Playing time will not be equal.  Coach will attempt to play each player in every game if possible
  • Emphasis on fundamental skills
  • Learn offensive and defensive schemes of varsity
  • Abide by all school policies, including those that relate to alcohol/chemical use
  • Be prepared to practice or play Monday-Saturday

Varsity Team:

  • Playing time will not be equal!  Better players will practice and play more.  There are many roles on a team.  Do not judge your success purely on playing time—All roles are valuable!
  • Emphasis on learning and perfecting team basketball and fundamental skills
  • Abide by all school policies, including those that relate to alcohol/chemical use
  • Be prepared to practice or play Monday-Saturday
  • All players who abide by the conditions of the CA Girls’ Basketball Program Expectations contract will be eligible to receive a letter.



  • All players will sit together in their teams during games.  Players will support each other and learn from their teammates during these games.
  • Game days:  Players will wear team gear
  • C-Team and JV players will help to set up both gyms prior to home games
  • Varsity team will help to take down the main gym following home games
  • C-Team and JV players will take turns filming and doing stats during varsity games (home and away)



  • Driving directions to all away games can be found on the CA website. 
  • Click on the Athletics page and then click on the link to Directions to schools and athletic fields



  • All players are expected to ride the bus to and from away games. 
  • Players have the option of leaving the game with their parents, but must let their coach know. 
  • Players must have a note from a parent ahead of time to leave with a different player’s family. 
  • Players are not allowed to leave games with other students
  • Games that are close to CA may have no return bus.  Players will be notified of these games ahead of time and will be responsible for their own ride home.




  • All uniforms, practice jerseys and other equipment are property of Concordia.
  • Care for them properly, follow washing instructions, don’t lose them, etc.



  • This season we will be holding 1-2 fundraising opportunities.  All players are expected to participate.  More information will be available as we determine dates.



  • We could use help in the following areas during games:
    • Announcer (starting lineups, substitutions or both)
    • Official book
    • Clock
  • Athletic fees will be waived for players whose family works Each home game
  • The players are also interested in continuing the pre-game dinners.  We would need some parents interested in organizing that.



  • We will need parents to volunteer to sell tickets and work in the booster room throughout the season.  Please help do your part for this program.



  • All students must get a try-out pass and fill out the information on SportsWareOnLine before they are eligible to practice
  • We are privileged to have Mr. Joel Kaden as our Athletic Trainer on duty for all home games and available after school on a regular basis
  • Please inform coaches of any injuries.  A doctor’s note may be required to resume activity after certain injuries.



  • We would appreciate anyone who is able to help us clean up after home games!



  • We are looking for any parent who is willing to organize the post-season banquet



  • Absences: 
    • Reasonable excuses will include:  Faith development/Church event, Family planned event or emergency, School (meetings with teachers or work that cannot be done at any other time), College Visits, Sickness, Unavoidable events (i.e. car accidents)
    • There will be consequences for an unexcused absence





Concordia Academy Girls’ Basketball Program Expectations

1.      All members of the Concordia Academy Girls’ Basketball program will represent CA, their team, their family and themselves in a positive manner.  We will project a positive image in the classroom, on the court, and out in the community.  This means you will not be tardy to school or class, you will follow dress code, be respectful to teachers/staff/adults/peers, meet teachers’ expectations maintain composure on and off the court, etc.

2.      Basketball is a team sport.  What is best for the team must be the number one priority for all those involved (players, coaches and parents).  Do what is asked of you to make the team successful.  When the team succeeds, all of its members succeed.  This means that you should work to communicate with your coach so you can understand and accept your role on the team without negativity or complaining, as it is determined by coaches,.  Make a commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Work hard to maintain balance in all that you do.  Work hard and participate positively in school, at home, at church and in community activities.  You must take care of yourself.  Get proper rest, eat right, and do not use chemicals.  This means that you will refrain from using chemicals of any kind and will refrain from being in places where chemicals are being used illegally. 

3.      Treat all those around you as you would like to be treated.  The basketball season is a long one; we must be committed to being supportive to one another.

4.      Believe in yourself, your teammates, your coaches and the system and game plan.  You should be a positive influence on the team, in your family and in the community.

5.      The goal of the coaching staff is to put the best possible team on the floor at all times.  Decisions, plans and strategies are all formulated with this in mind.  The coaching staff will provide the best possible learning environment for all involved.  You may disagree with decisions that are made, but please communicate appropriately with coaches when there are problems.   It is important that you refrain from complaining or criticizing coaches and other players.

6.      It is the responsibility of each player to understand and commit to the philosophies, policies and team concepts provided by the coaching staff.  There can only be one plan if a team is to be successful.

7.      Success begins at practice.  Work hard.  We want to outwork every opponent.  Make hard work, intensity and concentration habits. 

8.      Be prompt and prepared for all team functions, including practice, games, meetings, and any other team outings.  Missing practices will effect playing time.

9.      Follow proper lines of communication.  Every effort should be made for the athlete to talk to her coach, then parents should talk to the coach, if things are not resolved, the player and parents should talk to the varsity head coach.  If there is no resolution, only then should the athletic director become involved.

10.   Varsity letters will be given out to all players who play in at least half of the varsity halves, or at the coaching staff’s discretion.

11.   C-Team and JV members will take turns doing video and stats at the varsity games.


I understand the expectations of me as set forth above and I agree to abide by their terms.  I understand that failure to abide by the terms of this contract may result in a reduction of playing time and/or dismissal from the team!

__________________________________________     _____________   

Player Signature                                                           Date

_________________________________________              ____________

Parent/Guardian Signature                                            Date







1.      Always remember why your daughter is playing basketball.  Kids participate for many reasons, but usually they want to play because they love the game and they enjoy being part of a group.  Always remember the positive lessons that can be learned in this environment.  The number one priority must be to help the team be successful.

2.      The basketball season is a very long one.  It will have many ups and downs.  Your daughter will need your support and encouragement along the way.  Help her stay positive by staying positive yourself.  You cannot control the officials, the coaching staff or even your own daughter during try-outs, practices or games.  Take control of the area where you can have the most impact on your child’s development.  Help her enjoy the team experience and help her to deal with the ups and downs she will encounter during the season.  Your daughter needs your guidance to learn to deal with both success and disappointment in a positive way.

3.      Remember that every girl on the team is out there doing her very best to perform.  Be positive with your daughter and with and about other members of the team.  They do hear what you stay when you are in the stands.  Give the kids a chance to do their best.

4.      Players have different strengths, weaknesses and abilities.  Players will be expected to fulfill different roles based upon their abilities.  Support their role on the team and point out their contributions in practice and in the less visible aspects of the game. Coaches will work to put players in positions where they will be successful.  Coaches appreciate all of the different roles that players perform; help players understand that all roles are valuable and appreciated!

5.      Keep in mind that the coaches work with your daughter every day and are in the best position to make decisions about who plays and in what situations.  Although you may not agree with the coaching staff, please try to respect the decisions that they make and understand that they have good reasons for making them.

6.      If problems do arise, encourage your daughter to communicate with her coach directly.  If she is frustrated with a situation, or does not understand something, encourage her to go to her coach.  The coaches have the best interest of the players in mind, but they need to know what the problem is in order to deal with it.  If, after talking to her coach, the player still doesn’t feel satisfied with the result, parents should get involved. 

7.      This is the communication process that the Girls’ Basketball program follows: