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February 10-11

February 14, 2014
By Amy Bellus of Concordia Academy Girls Basketball

The Beacons are coming off a 16-point win last night over Columbia Heights.  The Beacons got off to a slow start, but a Michala Walther 3-pointer got CA heated up.  The Beacons used their half court press to ramp up the tempo and feasted off the fast-break baskets all night long. 


Tonight we take time to celebrate our three magnificent seniors:  Megan Fallert, Kristen Stude and Jacquelyn Waedekin!  These three young women couldn’t be better representatives of our girls’ basketball program!  Their strength, perseverance, courage and grace are un-matched and they are leaders who will no doubt go out and make a positive mark on this world!  We are grateful for the four years they have devoted to the CA Girls’ Basketball Program and we wish them well in all of their future endeavors!  Here are snapshots of these wonderful young women:


Name: Megan Fallert  Favorite Food: Sushi or Black Olives (not together…)  Favorite Music: Of Monsters and Men, Lorde and Imagine Dragons  Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride  Favorite T.V. Show: Criminal Minds  Hero: My Family  Basketball Hero: Janet Cobbs  Best Basketball Memory:  Beating Providence. And Delasalle. And Minnehaha. Oh and last year beating South St. Paul in overtime after being down by 20 in the first half. That was pretty epic. ?Favorite Quote: “You know what my favorite part of the game is? The opportunity to play.”  What I'll miss most about Beacon Basketball is:  I’ll miss having the weirdest mascot in the state, the odd little conversations we during water breaks, eating awesome food at team dinner, secret time, pumping up in the locker room before the big game, and screaming after we won. Most of all I will just miss being on each other’s team.  What I'll miss least about Beacon Basketball is:  Running Beacons. I know its good for you and it made me a better player, but its really awful. I also dislike the half time talks we get after we have a bad first half. Those are no fun.  My plans for next year are:  To study Biology and Pre-medicine at Gustavus, St. Olaf, or Luther.  Before I go, I'd like to say:  Thank you to my coaches for pushing me and helping me develop as a player, to my teammates for working together and being supportive, to my parentals for putting up with me, and to God for being pretty sweet. ?PS: Dear Undercalssmen, I know this sounds super cliché, but don’t take a single day for granted. Take advantage of every moment you have together because you only get to be in high school once. Love you. ;)




Name: Kristen Stude  Favorite Food: pasta  Favorite Music: anything current  Favorite Movie: The Breakfast Club  Favorite T.V. Show: Boy Meets World  Hero: Jesus  Basketball Hero: Candice Parker  Best Basketball Memory: When Jenny Asp kept asking "what if there was a baby inside of a baby?"  Favorite Quote: "fake a pass to make a pass"  What I’ll miss most about Beacon Basketball is:  The experience of being a big family and all the memories made through the years  What I’ll miss least about Beacon Basketball is:  Running beacons  My plans for next year are:  Go to Mankato for nursing  Before I go, I’d like to say: never take things for granted because it goes by fast. 


Name: Jacquelyn Waedekin  Favorite Food: Any type of noodles you put in front of my face I’ll eat!  Favorite Music: Country music, but I love the song Yeah! By Usher  Favorite Movie: Definitely, hands down, The Proposal  Favorite T.V. Show: Either Friends or Full House, it would be two hard to choose between the two of them. So it’s both.  Hero: My wonderful mother  Basketball Hero: Jamie Brobrack, former Golden Gopher player and now head coach of Providence Academy.  Best Basketball Memory: My favorite basketball memory was my freshman year when I was at home and missed our last game of the season due to having surgery that week. I remember sitting on my computer watching the game and the camera scanned the back of the home bench chairs. On each of the chairs it had a different letter on it, spelling out “WE<3 JACKIE!”   Favorite Quote: Don’t worry, be happy –Michelle Tanner (Full House)  What I’ll miss most about Beacon Basketball is: Hanging out in the gym before games watching the JV and C teams play, and just talking as a team, giving back rubs and  just bonding and having a good time with one another.  What I’ll miss least about Beacon Basketball is:  The Saturday practices and Killers.  My plans for next year are:  Probably heading to UW- Eau Claire to possibly run track and study Health Care Administration but I’m not a 100% certain yet. Maybe ask me again in a month or two.  Before I go, I’d like to say: Just enjoy every moment, take every opportunity you’re given, have as much fun as you can, and always smile

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