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First Club Meeting

March 4, 2012
By Charles Ackley of Columbus Titans Bass Fishing Club

February 24, 2012.

Today we had our first club meeting at 516 n kansas st. in columbus ks, we discussed what the club would do and how it would work. The club advisore discussed the roll of the president, vice president, and the tournament staff. We also just talked about fishing and our favorite lures to use at the same time i told the group that we need to have as many of the student anglers at our next meeting to do our election and to sign the bylaws.

We had the reporter from the county newspaper come by to do a story on use, he was very surpised at what we are all about. He took pictures of two of our student anglers, and asked what they thought of the club. These student anglers are ready to fish ane start winning tournaments.

Speaking of our tournaments we start those in April at bone creek resevore in Arma KS. This lake has lots of big bass in it with lots of challenges for these young anglers. With lots of flooded timbers, and grass lines that hold these big bass. This lake is use for the American Angler Ass. and they also hold a thursday night jackpot tournament for the areas anglers that want to fish.

Over all the meeting was very good, our hopes are high for this tournament season, we wish their were more tournaments but with little schools/ teams in the state of Kansas their just ain't enough. I am going to talk with a couple of adult bass clubs to see if the can help use out and hold a tournament our two for use. Maybe even be partners with them.

Our next meeting is going to be next friday at 5:00 pm at 516 N Kansas in Columbus KS. hope to see every body their.

Club Advisor.

Charles Ackley

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