Boys’ volleyball is coming to Colerain High School.

A nearly year-long expedition led by Kevin De Noma finally came full circle when the Northwest Local School District approved the addition of the sport in club form July 28.

“Mr. De Noma did all the homework, put a plan in place and has recruited 17 students to join the team,” Assistant Director of Community and Student Services Pauletta Crowley said via a telephone interview. “He held a parent meeting to let them know the cost for each family and it is at no cost to the district, which is a win-win for everyone.”

De Noma has twin boys in the school district and both play volleyball, which provided plenty of motivation for his crusade.

While a club sport, they will use the Colerain name to qualify for startup grant money and will use the high school’s facilities for both games and practice around other spring sports.

The ‘club’ title will be in place for five years so the district can identify its popularity. While it’s too early to tell which direction it will go, Crowley gave the possibility that if successful the sport could open up to Northwest High School and the school district’s middle schools.

“We’re excited about the opportunity and glad the board passed it,” Crowley said.