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Tegrey Scales and De Tuan Smith - Cardinal Ironmen

December 19, 2013
Colerain High School/WeAreColerain.com

The Ironman was the nation’s very first “SUPER tournament”, meaning it brought together many of the very best teams from all overAmerica. Currently the Ironman is much larger with approximately 30 to 34 full teams and a dozen or more partial teams each with just a few wrestlers. So much interest was generated by the first Ironman that it just grew and grew, and has since been imitated by several other tournaments around the nation.

Now in its 13th year, the Ironman continues to be the model that sets the standard for elite competition, cutting edge innovation, and the promotion of all that is positive in high school wrestling.  For the year 2013, there are over 600 entries from more than 90 different schools located all over the country.  This happens to be “THE” tournament to be at in early December.  You must get invited, apply, and be accepted to participate in the Ironman.  Colerain was lucky enough to have two of our best be part of this nationwide list, Tegray Scales and De’tuan Smith.  

Both guys had equally stacked weight classes with nationally ranked guys, as well as state ranked kids.  A total of 7 nationally ranked in the weight class 170, making this one of the premier classes for the tournament.  Included in this class is our very own De’tuan Smith.  De’tuan was seeded/ranked 12th out of 48 in this class, and he was given a bye the first round.  Second round of competition De’tuan would face the hard challenge of Kuhlman from St. Eds.  Anyone who knows wrestling knows that a St. Ed’s kid will come ready to bang, and that is what happened.  De’tuan went up early 4-1 against Kuhlman, but struggled with the pace and aggressiveness used by St. Ed’s towards the end of the match.  Kuhlman fought back and ended up getting the last minute win over Smith 6-5. 

De’tuan would fight back, however and win his next two matches against very tough opponents, advancing to the second day of the tournament.  His match on Saturday would be against a very tough opponent from Reynolds PA.  The winner of this match was guaranteed to place top 8 in the tournament.  The match came down to the last few seconds where Millero of Reynolds pulled off the score for a 3-2 victory.  

Tegray Scales was seeded 7th out 44 kids, and his weight class also had a total of 5 nationally ranked kids throughout the brackets.  Scales first match was against a highly ranked school of Franklin Regional PA, and Tegray was able to dominate his opponent by pinning him in 34 seconds.  Scales 2nd match would be against a very tough and very game Andre Lee of Oak Park River Illinois (#2 team in the country).  Lee would provide a challenge, however it would be the aggressor Scales who would come out victorious with a 3rd period takedown, winning the match 3-2.  This match put Tegray into the Quarterfinals, which were to take place Saturday morning.

Tegray’s quarterfinal match would be against the #17 ranked wrestler in the country, LJ Barlow from Haverford Prep Academy, who was also the # 3 seed of the tournament.  Barlow is a returning Ironman placer (8th in 2012) and a 2 time National Prep placer (3rd & 4th).  Scales would come out dominant though.  Scoring 2 takedowns in the first period, going up 4-1.  Smart wrestling is what helped Scales prevail in this match, as going into the 3rd period the score was 6-4.  Barlow would get the escape making the score 6-5, and Scales was warned for Stalling.  With 15 seconds left in the match, the referee decided to warn Scales for stalling again (HORRIBLE CALL) and tie the match up at 6-6.  This would put the match into OT.  The first minute of OT there was no score, and now we are in the ultimate sudden victory.  Scales gets choice, and we choose bottom.  The whistle blows, with all of his energy, he pushed, and was able to secure the escape, gaining the 1 point victory over his first nationally ranked opponent.

The win in the Quarters, set him up for a match in the semi-finals against fellow Ohio wrestler Josh Murphy of Brecksville.  Murphy is ranked #18 in the country, 2 time Fargo All American, 5th at the National High School Nationals, Returning Iron Man Placer (7th 2012), and returning Ohio State Place winner (6th).  Needless to say, this match was not only for the opportunity of a life time, this match also had Ohio State Wrestling Finals Preview written all over it.  The winner would not only walk away with the victory, but most likely the top notched spot going forward to the State Tournament in March.

The match ended up being everything everyone had hoped to see, and all they could ask for.  Both guys were aggressive in trying to establish their game, and control the match.  Both guys were back and forth, move after move, scramble after scramble.  With a score of 1-1 at the end of regulation, once again it was time for Scales to enter into a position he has become familiar with, OT.  No takedowns were scored once again in overtime, so now we move onto ultimate sudden victory again.  This time, Scales was able to keep his opponent down for the required time of 30 seconds, and now it was his turn to see if he could get the escape.  30 seconds, score, and we move onto the finals!  2 quick starts and with pushes out of bounds, Tegray still was unable to get away.  10 seconds off the clock, so 20 seconds remains, the whistle blew, Tegray stood up, Murphy followed with an attempt to pull Scales back to the mat, during that attempt Scales did a “switch” and was able to reverse Murphy on the mat for 2 points!  Time expired and Scales wins in OT 3-1, advancing to the finals, and knocking off another ranked wrestler!

The finals match would have to be just as good as the rest.  Scales would face the #4 ranked kid in the country, Derek White.  White is a returning National All American (3rd) in Fargo, Super 32 Runner Up, 3 time Oklahoma State Finalist, One time State Champ, and on a full scholarship to Nebraska for wrestling.  White’s previous matches seemed to be unchallenging for him, taking out 2 other Nationally ranked guys, previous state champions, and winning his closest match by a score of more than 8 points.  Scales would have his hands full, as never facing a wrestler with these credentials, or this caliber.  But anyone who knows Scales, knows he is always up for the challenge, and this he was.  The match was back and forth, and a tight battle.  Both guys were working hard for takedowns, and scrambling to avoid giving up points.  White was able to secure a takedown late in the first period to go up 2-0.  White would choose down, and escape, going up 3-0 where the score ended there.  Scales chooses bottom, and worked hard to get his escape.  White was hit with Stalling, and Scales scored his point, making the match 3-1 with 45 seconds left.  Scales pushed the pace, and attacked from every angle while White just defended the best he could.  The ref awarded Scales with another stall call point, making the score 3-2 with under 20 seconds, but White’s defense was very good, and Scales was unable to secure a TD to win the match.  Final Score Derek White 3- Tegray Scales 2.


We at Colerain could not be prouder of a pair of individuals as we are with these two young men.  Both have set out and established themselves on the mat more so than any other wrestler in Colerain history.  To top it off, their success is not just about being on the mat, their success comes in all walks of life.  Both guys wrestled extremely hard, and we could not be prouder.  These were the first 2 Colerain wrestlers to ever be invited and accepted to the toughest high school tournament in the country, and both guys wrestled with heart, pride, and Colerain Spirit.  Congrats to both of them for all of their hard work and accomplishments.  Congrats to Tegray Scales for being the first ever Ironman Placer finishing 2nd

Keep up the hard work guys, we have state titles to win this season in March!  



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