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Bigger Faster Stronger Clinic

February 10, 2012
By Dirk Campbell of Genoa-Kingston High School

On Saturday, March 17th, Bigger Faster Stronger, Inc. out of Utah will be on campus to provide an all day clinic for our coaches and athletes. They will meet with our coaching staff from 8:00am-10:am and will put on a strength and conditioning clinic for the athletes who register from 10:00-4:00. BFS is a nationally renowned company who works with thousands of high school athletic programs across the country. Their program is not gender or sport specific so we are encouraging males and females regardless of the sport(s) they play to attend the clinic. We will cap the attendance at 50 athletes. At this time, we have 12 spots that are reserved and I will be speaking to all 8th grade athletes this afternoon to make the same offer to them so I anticipate the remaining 38 spots will be filling up quickly. The cost to the athlete for the day is $25 and we will provide them with lunch. The program that they present to us will also be the program that we incorporate into our athletic PE classes that will be offered starting in the fall of next year. The athletic PE classes will offer our athletes the opportunity to get their weightlifting done during the school day next year instead of having to be here in the mornings before school or in the afternoons after school. As an athletic department, we are all in agreement that in order for us to compete for conference championships and regional titles in the East side of this conference, we need to increase our size, strength and speed. Our weightlifting attendance is behind our division opponents and it is imperative that we change this quickly. If you are interested in having your son or daughter attend the clinic, please send the payment with them, have them deliver it to me or Christi Volkening and I will add them to the list. Thank you.

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