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Update 6.18.14

June 18, 2014
By Timothy Bowdern of CNR Summer Basketball

     I have a few notes this week.  Without any further delay here they are:
  • Officials:  I jinxed myself last week.  After talking about no incidents or anything it was bound to come back and bite us.  Most issues seem to be on the youth grade levels and the coaches expectations of officials.  However it is we follow through on every report filed.  Our supervisor of officials investigates every report and confers with all parties involved and contacts the person who files the reports. We do not investigate phone complaints.  If someone doesn't want to write a documented report we figure it's not that important to them. Bill has actually made it  much easier now to do this if you want to file a report.  Just bookmark this website - http://www.stlstripesllc.com/.  You can go there straight now and file any type of report.  He would appreciate any complimentary reports also so we can keep giving the assignments to the officials who are in great standing with coaches.  Also, we only accept reports from coaches not parents. If a parent is irate and does contact us we will show due respect and listen to them as many complaints are valid.  But we tell them they need to contact you and you need to file it.  We don't care if you just copy and paste if they want to write it.  We just need it from you. Otherwise  we would deal with 200/week it seems and to be honest we don't have the time and it's not the idea of the league.  Complaing about officiating is normal.  We get it.  I had to listen coming home last week the whole ride home from my ten year old grandson how bad the officiating was in his CNR game he lost.  I finally got tired of it and told him the officials probably were not really impressed with his two air balls and four turnovers either.  I think overall the officials do a good job and act professional as that has been a focus of Bill and I and we think it has greatly improved overall in the last year.  We trust and rely on your feedback so please share the good with bad.
  • Schedules:  Please continue to check your schedule before you play that day.  We now Twitter out the daily schedule every day to your phone.  If you have not signed up you can at our website www.cnrbasketball.com.  It's worth it.  It's the fastest way to get the latest information.  We will continue to do it on the website but that is tough sometimes if we are not at home.  I have attached tomorrow's schedule to give you an idea of what it looks like.  Please consider signing up on Twitter this week.
  • Re-schedules:  I have contacted everyone today where we need to add or replace a game for your team.  If for some reason you feel you were not contacted and should have been e-mail me ASAP.   Remember if you give us a week notice we will do our best based on the team you are playing and your flexibility but if a team now does it right before they play we can't promise a re-schedule.  We will do our best as always we just can't make any promises we can't keep.
  • Scores:  I put in all scores up to today. I still need a few more scores from supervisors for last night but I will get that done tomorrow.  I am doing my best to stay on top of that this summer.  If you see a wrong score, just e-mail me and tell me the date, score, and location.  I will fix it within 48 hours.  I don't mind if parents send me that information either  The main thing is to get it right.  If so, I just don't need a play by play description of the officiating with the corrected score like I seem to get by the losing team at times.
  • Supervisors:  We appreciate now coaches are using the supervisors when they have questions.  All supervisor contacts are on the webpage links under supervisors.  It has made things much smoother this summer dealing with any questions or issues.  Please continue to ask to speak to the supervisor at every gym when you need something.
  • Payment:  Okay, I put this last as I don't deal with this as Mike does but we do need to address this.  We never said anything about payments because to us it's more important to get the league started right than worrying about if every team is paid in full.  We are one of the only leagues besides C-4 that allows team to play a game or two before they pay.  Other leagues to be honest are probably smarter than us making teams pay but we understand it takes awhile for all parents or players to pay and we don't want the coaches stuck with the balance. If you have not paid yet please do at your next game.  Starting this weekend we will start contacting teams that have not paid yet.  Sometimes it's just a deal of finding out what supervisor you left a check with.  Regardless, getting payment will be a priority next week.  There are facilities, supervisors, officials, and other bills to pay to use these gyms full court the way we do. 

             These were the main things we needed to address this week.  We are working hard to stay on top of everything as many things happen in the summer.  Jeremy and I are available in the mornings and afternoons by e-mail to answer any questions you may have.  We really appreciate you playing with us this summer and promise to always respond quickly to any issues you have. We hope everyone is getting out of summer ball what they want and all of the players look forward to their games and have fun. Thanks for reading, Scott.

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