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Update 6.1.14 Email

June 1, 2014
By Timothy Bowdern of CNR Summer Basketball

     I am going to go over quite a few things today so please read through.  Everything is important and I will be as honest as possible on all these items:
Tip-off Tournament: For all teams playing in the tip-off this weekend schedules will be out Tuesday morning with our usual weekly update. We did have two teams drop and four add so all groups of teams will go occur. We are scheduling it tomorrow so if you are interested e-mail Jeremy Donald at donaldj@fox.k12.mo.us today or early tomorrow morning.
  • Schedules: Okay, you can go to the website and tell your parents this is the "final release". That being said who are we kidding in the summer and probably 200 teams that have not viewed their schedules yet?  It means you don't have to change out of your games at this point if you don't want to.  That being said if a team drops there is nothing we can do.  We have seen it all and you know we will do whatever is needed to make it as right as we can for you.  Your schedules can always be viewed at www.cnrbasketball.com.  We always tell teams every Monday to take a quick look at your schedule as it only takes a minute to save a night of frustration.  If your still short games and don't have games with TBA on them you should have contacted us by now but if not do so quickly.
  • This Week's Games:  I am going to spend my limited free hours  this week doing my best making sure  your games goes off this week.  I have attached just this week's games.  Please respond back just stating your team and where and when you are playing.  Anyone I don't hear from I will be contacting you the night before.  I am sure you would rather have me not call you so please take a minute just to e-mail "I know we are playing _________ at _________ at whatever time you are playing".  Some hours of my day is worth it so your and your team don't play against air this week.  I do apologize to teams playing tomorrow just getting this but we had teams actually drop yesterday and add so we scrambled to make this work.
  • Driving Directions:  Tim our webmaster promised me all driving directions for all facilities will be up tonight on the website. The Center St. Louis is the new name for the Sportscenter in Affton.
  • Rules:  You are responsible to know the rules for the league as they have been posted for awhile.  Please look at them before you play.  Their are also scoresheets for you to download if you choose. Remember, the main rule is no one fouls  out until their sixth persoanl foul (officials can sit players due to flagrant fouls before their sixth).  The 1 for 2 free throw rule is in effect for the whole game.  Also, like the winter there is not pressing in 4th or 5th grade girls or boys in the first half of games.  All other games teams can press as they choose.  All games will have one overtime if needed.  If the game is still tied the game is a tie and over.  Lastly, NO EARRINGS of any type can be worn during games.  Officials have been told not to let players play who are wearing earrings.  That includes no tape over earrings also. It is too dangerous and it is not allowed in the state of Missouri.  The last thing is the new rules on FT's for the state where players can move on the release will be enforced this summer.  These rules will help high school teams get ready for the fall and also youth winter play.  Ask your officials about this if you have any questions.
  • Officials and Bench Conduct:  This is no longer mainly a high school league as we have many youth teams.  In the winter we use a strict conduct policy to deal with issues of misconduct by coaches, players, and parents.  It has greatly improved our product but no system is perfect.  In the past we will be honest and tell you some high school coaches have taken advantage of this.  That will occur no more.  All coaches regardless of level, gender, and school are going to be held to the same standard this summer. Officials are not there to be targets of verbal or physical abuse.  If that means a program isno longer is our league because they can't control their high school program or select organization so be it. It's simply not worth it to us anymore to deal with "Mickey Mouse" behavior.  We are all going to have "bad calls" against us.  It's inevitable.  I talk to offiicals all the time.  I guarantee you after working all day they don't drive to our games with the mindset they are going to make sure they make some vital calls against our teams or organization.  They are more concerned when their site supervisor is sending out checks for working the games. They are there just like you for a purpose.  Show respect, coach your team, and let a "bad" call happen and move on. If a technical is issued this year to you officials are required to write it up or they will not get paid for that game.  All technicals or serious misconduct will be reported to Alison Todd and she will gather the information and choose the consequence.  This could report in game suspensions for players, coaches, or parents if needed.  That being said no one is going get suspended for a random technical or something like that.  Sometimes stuff happens. We are talking about a pattern of behavior or a serious incident at a game. 
  • Officials Report: We do have a system in place if you are not happy with an official at your game.  We are not talking about writing a report on a bad call but instead an official who is unprofessional towards you or your team, doesn't hustle as they basically stand in one area the whole game, doesn''t know the rules of the league or if they are aggressive to you or your team with verbal or physical actions.  Bill Reitz supervises our offiicals and takes every incident filled out seriously and contacts all parties involved and gets back to you within seventy two hours.  I can tell you now if you just e-mail me with a five paragraph complaint I am just going to tell you to copy and paste it and send it to Bill. Also, please don't call me that night to complain about losing on a bad call.  Chances are my team just lost the same night as you on a similiar call and I won't call you.  Just fill out the report and I promise Bill will look into it.  That being said if something physically happens feel free to call Jeremy, Mike, or I that night as we do want to know about serious incidents right away.
  • Supervisors:  That is another area we we will be updating this week.  If your team is running late to a game call that supervisor first as they are the ones who make the calls at that site.  Also, if you are not happy with something find them and talk to them before you contact us.  We will always go to them first so you might as well do the same.  I will make sure all supervisors information is right and updated on the website but it will take this week as I can't get that done in one night.
  • Scores:  I will do my best to update scores weekly. I apologize for last summer as I did a horrible job but this summer I promise to stay on it.  It will help if I get scores from supervisors quickly and I will stay on them to do that.  If you see a wrong score just e-mail me and give me the right score.  Please include the date and team as that helps tremendously.  There are no trophies or medals but people do like to look at it so I will update it better this year. 

          Okay, I am sorry so long but honestly with scheduling and my own camps this is the only time I have had to go into detail what needs to be said.  I know some won't read this but it's easier when they e-mail me I just refer to them for this e-mail.  Feel free to contact me by e-mail anytime and good luck to all teams as we tip-off the league in 29 hours.  Thanks, Scott.

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