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Update 4.22.14

April 22, 2014
By Timothy Bowdern of CNR Summer Basketball



     As you can see the league continues to increase as we approach scheduling in two weeks.  I included a scheduling time-line this week.  Please get your attached conflict sheet in so we can schedule around your summer conflicts.  Please continue to e-mail us if you are adding a team to the list.  We can do whatever you need but we can't do it if it's a last second request:


  • Scheduling Timeline - We will start scheduling for the league May      1st.  This will take till about May 18th.  We then will send out      a first draft of about 1,600 games.  We then will take May 19 to      Memorial Day to make adjustments.  We anticipate the final draft out      May 27th.  Usually the first week is light as many schools are going      later due to Snowmegaden.  All schedules will be released on our      website www.cnrbasketball.com.      
  • League Rules      - I also attached our league rules.  It's the same as high school      except for three main differences - 1) 1 for 2 on FT's, 2)  6      personal fouls NBA style.  The reason for this is for high school      teams they just  want to play their kids and having a player on the      bench with two quick fouls sitting does no one any good.  This has      not been an issue encouraging rough play as officials can sit players who      they feel are abusing the situation and the coaches themselves do a good      job policing it. We used to have the no foul out rule with technicals but      that was basically a disaster.  3)  After one overtime it's a      tie.  We are on a tight schedule and there are no districts or final      four.  We are not going to have a 5th grade boy's 12-10 five overtime      game so the 9:00 p.m. game can start at 9:45 p.m. It makes no sense.       Team also get three TO's a game. 
  • Summer Tip-off Classic: The one and only tournament run by Jeremy Donald is      the annual Tip-off Classic on June 7-8, 2014. It has gyms in every area      (St. Charles, West County, and South County). It wil include boys and      girls this year and goes from grades 4-12 (grades entering next year). The      cost is only $55/game and as always flexibility in scheduling is done.      Your teams can be scheduled together if you enter early enough. A flier is      attached. If interested, e-mail us and we will get that list going and      should have the first list out to you by mid-May.
  • ·       Conflict Sheet: This is your "ticket" into the league. Once      you send the sheet back filled out completely we will schedule you. You      can always register online with your roster later. Make sure all your      conflicts are listed on the sheet as we compile a master conflict list off      each sheet. If you have multiple teams you can put all your teams on just      one sheet. We can work around whatever conflicts you have. The less      conflicts the more versatility we have in putting you in better locations      for your games.
  • Summer League      - It is for grade 4-12 (grades entering next year) for both boys and      girls. We start June 2 - July 24, 2014. We only do weeknights and not      weekends. We are very flexible in scheduling. Teams can avoid certain      nights for just choose nights to play. Of course, the more flexibility the      easier it is to place games closer to home. We offer games up to 9:15 p.m.      starts but those are usually for high school teams unless requested. One      thing we are offering this year is 4:30 p.m. starts for teams that have      baseball or softball games. No one will be made to play those games unless      approved. If you already know you want to play just e-mail Jeremy      or I and I will make sure you are on the list of summer teams and your      e-mail is transfered over. We understand your teams may change as far      as number of teams based on your feedback from your kids. We can also add      or remove your number of teams. No money is needed upfront for this      league. Your word is good for us.
  • Summer League Breakdown:

Here’s the basic information you need to know about our CNR Summer Basketball League:

- It takes place between June 2 and July 24 on Monday thru Thursday evenings.

- Game times are 5:30, 6:15, 7:15, 8:15, and 9:15. In addition, we are going to offer up 4:30 pm starts as well. These will only be for teams that indicate they can do so. No one will ever be forced to play at that time.

- We have a variety of locations we use. The locations we used last year- and would think we’d be using this year- include Fox, Seckman, Lindbergh, Mehlville, Waterloo (IL), Columbia (IL), Orchard Farm, Troy, C-4, Pacific, Eureka, Webster Groves, Notre Dame, Kirkwood, St. Charles Hardin Middle, St. Charles West High, Parkway West High, Parkway West Middle, Parkway North, St. John’s Ballwin, Principia, Lafayette, Lutheran St. Charles,Lutheran North, John Burroughs, MICDS, and the St. Louis Sports Center.  We do not use every gym every night as availability is based on specific nights.

- We have boys’ and girls’ divisions for varsity, JV, Freshmen, 8th, 7th, 6th, 5th, and 4th. In the summer we go by the grade they will be in next school year.

- The cost of the league is $500 for eight games and $60 for any additional games.

The key thing about our league is the flexibility we can offer. We realize that in the summer, you are dealing with a variety of conflicts. Whether it’s kids playing baseball/softball, family vacations, or in the case of the high school coaches- contact dates and dead-periods, we can work around all of this. While our league runs June 2 thru July 24, all teams might want something different. We’ll have some teams that want to start right away and be done before July 4. We’ll have other teams that won’t want to start until July. We’ll have some teams that want to avoid various dates throughout the summer. Whatever it is that you need, we’ll be able to work around.

What we try to do is give you competitive games, working around your conflicts, at locations convenient for you. Again- we realize you have conflicts to work around. As long as you work with us and are flexible, we can put together a schedule that fits your needs.

      Thanks for reading.  By the time the next update comes out hopefully we are also talking about the Blues second round play-off action.  Have a great week, Scott.

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